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Charlotte, France

Taronja is a really good school and I learnt a lot of things in only 5 days here. The teachers are very dynamic and made me really want to speak Spanish in class. It was my first time in a language school and I liked the experience a lot. The activities were really fun and allowed us to get to know a lot of people from all over the world and enjoy practising our Spanish together. Maybe I will return in a few years!

Spieringshoek, Holland.

Valencia is a fun city. It has many fun and interesting places. The people are very friendly and nice. There are many activities. Taronja is a school of learning. The classes are instructive and also fun. Teachers make funny classes. They are friendly and work hard. It was a very fun week.

Bart and Roy.

Valencia is a very friendly city. People are very friendly. We like the weather a lot: there is always sun. There are many small shops. The food was very delicious. The classes are interesting. We have learned a lot of things. The teachers are very friendly and kind. The building of the school is very beautiful.

Sofieke, Kelsey and Annika.

Our experience at the school was very well! The classes are very interactive and welcoming. We’ve learned a lot of things. The classes were varied, sometimes we went down the street. Valencia is a very beautiful city. It has everything: the beach, the old city, the modern city, many shops, the park, many terraces and nice squares. In short, a city to return to.

Lanka, Bente and Julietta.

We like the classes of Taronja and the teachers. We love the typical food of Spain, for example the paella and patatas bravas. The buildings are very beautiful. We have learned a lot and will return here in Valencia for the city and of course for Carmina. Bye.

Amber, Amy, Emma and Willemijn.

We like Carmina. Taronja is a good school. We have studied a lot of Spanish and it was a very cool experience. Ipads are very efficiently. The weather is very good. Paella party was fantastic.

Ivar, Misha, Roan and Luke.

The school Taronja is fantastic. The teachers are very friendly and kind. The lessons are educational. There is wifi in the school and all the streets. The town is very nice, we liked the beach, the shops and the terraces. Valencia has an interesting history and is a very beautiful city.

Anne, Jessy, Marit and Danielle.

Valencia is a very nice and very interesting city. There are many attractions and shops. Also the beach is very pretty. The school Taronja is very good. The activities of the school are very fun. Also the teachers are very nice and teach well. In addition, our families were very hospitable. Thanks for everything!

Lisanne, Vera and Famlie.

The school Taronja is very nice. The classes are very interesting. There are many alternatives. The teachers teach well and are nice, we liked it a lot. There is plenty to do in Valencia. We loved the beach and the best shops. It is a very nice city with very friendly people. Thanks for everything!

 Julia, Anke and Zöe.

Monika, Austria

  1. A really active and funny class with lots of interesting ideas.
  2. I liked the activities.
  3. Teachers and people at the reception are very kind.
  4. The school is really close to the center.
Thank you very much for this incredible week!

Hans, Netherlands

Enthusiastic teachers! The combination of Victor and Sonia has been really entertaining and educational. Lessons are really interesting. We’re definitely coming back for more classes in a near future. The students are a big support, everything is really helpful, a very enjoyable group! Taronja is super and a recommendation for those who want to learn Spanish in good place with great people. Thank you very much guys.

Tanja, Croacia

Tanja  Bullic JuricFue una semana muy agradable. Me ha gustado mucho pasar el tiempo en Taronja. Todos los profesores se han esforzado para que nos sintamos bien y que aprovechemos al maximo. Las actividades fueron muy interesantes y todos los que querian, podian aprender más y pasar lo muy bien con los compañeros de la escuela. Recomendaría la escuela a todos los que quieran mejorar su español y disfrutar el tiempo en Valencia.

Sylvie, Francia

Sylvie LuqueTaronja: La escuela permite un aprendizaje de calidad en el caso de los estudiantes, ofrece una pedagogia progresiva y eficaz, varias actividades interesantes para conocer la ciudad y la cultura. La acogida es muy agradable, y la gente siempre disponible para dar informaciones y contestar las preguntas. Valencia: Esta ciudad es moderna, animada, rica por sus numerosos edificios contemporaneos y antiguos. es muy agradable por su clima y la simpatia de sus habitantes. Esta estancia me da ganas de volver a Valencia para mejor descubrirla.

Floriane, Suiza

Toronja es una escuela de español excelente. Los profesores son simpáticos, eficientes y precisos. Hay muchos estudiantes. Las clases fueron muy divertidas e interesantes con la participación de los profesores y otros miembros de la escuela. Tiene un buen ambiente. Recomendaré la escuela Toronja a mis amigos y mis contactos.

Brigitte, Suiza

I subscribed for 3 weeks onto a course at Taronja. The school is small but welcoming, and each class is decorated differently. The team at Taronja are really kind and always fix everything, the activity programme is versatily, everyone can benefit from it. I really enjoyed myself here, it´s a shame that I have to go home.  

Sara, Alemania

I love Taronja. The 4 weeks there very useful, overall very fun. I enjoyed the classes with the fun teachers and the atmosphere is really cool. Thank you to Taronja for improving my Spanish with diversion, thank you Valencia for being a marvellous city. I will return one day to study at Taronja. See you later, Sara.

Lucy, England

I liked a lot Taronja! I have been there for four weeks and now i am able to have a conversation in spanish, and i understand, more or less, what people are talking about. Fortunately, people had a lot of patience with me (i speak very slowly) and they tried to help me. Teachers are very energetic and every person enjoy the courses. I have never been bored here; there are a lots of activities, and my my favorite one was going to ”Montanejos”, but i also enjoyed a lot to cook with chef Nando. I’m knowing a lot amazing people who come from different countries so I learnt a lot of things about their culture, not only the spanish one. I will absolutely come back to study another time. The long beach, funny activities, the beautiful city. Who doesn’t like to stay here? If you would like to study spanish , you have to come here. Like my teacher says ”ALL VERY COOL” thank you for all.  10559889_959549597395638_4215911879800107330_n

Hristina, Bulgaria

Hi! My name is Hristina, I’m from Bulgaria and I’m 26 years old. At Taronja school i learnt a lot and i met new people that were really kind. Taronja is a special place with a very alternative teaching method. I hope i will come back! 10653742_10205869586411302_8124036679590238681_n  


Antje Schwindeler¡Hola! Me llamo Antje, tengo 35 años y soy alemana, vivo en un pueblo en el noroeste de Alemania cerca de Bremen. La primera vez que yo aprendí a Taronja y no estaba seguro que yo puedo aprender algo a causa de mi nivel muy bajo. Pero yo pudo! Muchas gracias a todos mis profesores! Son amables, divertidos, graciosos, pacientes, solícitos… Por fin; Quiero Taronja! Mi tiempo en Valencia fue increíble. El equipe de Taronja ha hecho buen trabajo! Muy organizado, buen habitaciones y muchas actividades durante la semana. Disfruté ser parte de “Taronja Familia”, quiero revolver algun día! MUCHAS GRACIAS -Antje