Group Gadda Rosselli 2, Italia

MARTINA, TERESA, DANIELA, ANNA We are Italian students from the school Gadda Rosselli. We have liked the school Taronja because it’s in the center of Valencia. The classes are very interesting and funny because the teachers are very nice and open. We learned a lot of vocabulary. The school organized the activities very good like for example going on the streets and talking with the people, cooking with Chef Nando, making graffiti with Nacho, doing a tour of tapas, dancing salsa, going to the City of arts and sciences and also visiting the central market and the old city center. We recommend the school for everyone who wants to learn Spanish. GAIA, ALESSIA, CAROLINA, VERONICA, ELISA Hello! This week we have visited a lot of places which we have liked a lot, like for example the beach, the city hall, the north station, the churches, … We have liked the city hall a lot, especially the terrace and also the viewing  from the tower of Miguelete was really beautiful. We have liked the city a lot because there are a lot of shops of very beautiful clothes, it’s really big and great, the square of Toros seems like Rome. There are a lot of big and beautiful parks for example Gulliver. See you soon. Hugs and kisses.   CHIARA, COSTANCE, MARTINA, GIACOMO, SARA Hello! We are Italian students and we have had a wonderful week in the city of Valencia. The things we have liked the most were the streets full of people and with a lot of shops. In fact we all went for shopping a lot. Also we went to the beach and we had a lot of fun because there was sun and we have played together, relaxed and sunbathed. We have noticed that the traffic wasn’t that much and the way was free. Between the activities we did, we have learned to cook paella and how to make sangria. One day we have also did a course of graffiti. A night we danced salsa. Everything was very funny. The food in general was very good and the families were very hospitality. CHRISTIAN, GRAZIA, STEFANO, MALCOM, ARIANNA The first day we talked with each other about what we are thinking of the Spanish people. We also went to the streets to do some very funny interviews. We did a lot of funny activities, for example making an invisible country. We visited Valencia: it’s a big city, full of shops, bars and restaurants and we want to come back in the future. We saw all the public transports which are here in Valencia. We saw a lot of short films like «a french roast», one with a the phantom and one from José Mota and we discussed about it.We did a debate: Barcelona against Madrid, but the teacher didn’t choose a winner. We talked about the youth in Spain and what they do in their free time and the prejudices about Italians. Also to the streets to ask the young people what they did last weekend. We learned a lot of  local expressions. We talked about the type of bars and restaurants which are in Spain and about the typical Spanish menus and dishes. We did a lot of dialogues to learn the language and the expressions which they use in the restaurants. taronja is a very handy school because it’s located in the center and the clases are very funny. GIADA, CARLOTTA, DILETTA, LETIZIA Hello! We are students from a language high school in Gallarate, a city very close to Milano. We have liked this journey to Valencia a lot thanks to the beauty of the city and the organization of the school. The given activities have been very funny and interesting. In the Spanish School Taronja we have learned a lot of new things but in a light and exciting way, with also classes on the streets. Everything has been possible and above all thanks to our teachers Ángel and Ándres, they never have bored us. After this experience we can say that it’s worth coming to this place and it will be the bomb in Valencia! MARTINA, VIOLA, BEATRICE, FRANCESCA, ILARIA Hello! We are a group of students from a language high school in Gallarate. Our experience has been awesome because we have learned a lot with the school and the organized activities have been interesting and funny. The teachers are very funny and thanks to them lesson haven’t been boring. We have especially liked going around the streets and talking to people which are really warm. Valencia is a very important city for its architecture, often there is sun and the climate is very hot. It’s also very beautiful and cool. Going to the beach and dancing salsa are the activities we have liked the most, but also the others are very funny like for example going to the central market. Spain is an incredible country full of emotions it it was the bomb!

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