Northbridge House, Inglaterra

Tristan: ¨I liked Taronja because the teachers were kind and welcoming.¨   Lind: ¨I love Taronja because the school is beautiful and the teachers are very kind and great.¨   Ryan: ¨I love Taronja due to it´s familiar atmosphere and the beautiful girls and boys.¨   Freddie: ¨I love Taronja because everyone has kind souls.¨   Akir: ¨I love Taronja because the teachers are fun and kind.¨   Apartments-for-sale-Valencia-Spain6     Sam, Ollie, Peter, Ben, Rada, Lukia, Bryan, Caidin:   Hi! We are students from Northbridge House, and we stayed in local families in Valencia for one week. Our first activity was in the central plaza, eating churros and drinking horchata, it was delicious. Lastly, on behalf of the students and the teachers, we would say that it was an unforgettable experience.     VALEn       Sepehr: ¨I loved the graffiti in the streets because it is interesting.¨   Conor: ¨I loved visiting the oceonographic because it is fun and also I loved visiting the beach because we played football with the teachers.¨   Phoebe: ¨I liked visiting the oceonographic because it was very interesting and I love dolphins. I also love the beach, it was very fun and relaxing. Finally, I loved the whole experience.¨   Gabby: ¨I enjoyed visiting the beach because it was hoy and also I like to go shopping because it is cheaper than in London. However, I missed my family and friends in London.¨   Miles: ¨I liked the beach with my friends because it is hot and it is sunny, I love it because in England it is cold and cloudy.¨  

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