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Bettina, Alemania

A lot of very nice teachers: The classes go very fast. You can’t talk a lot during the classes which is a bit of a shame: The activities of the school are a great idea. the cooking class was very fun! It is good that they offer activities in the weekend.

Beate, Germany

I enjoyed my visit in Valencia and my Spanish course. We lived in a hotel at the seaside so we were able to relax after the lessons. Thanks for everything.

Jeanine, The Netherlands

Valencia is a beautiful city and the school is located in a very central part, in a beautiful building. the activities are varied and give the opportunity to socialize, practice Spanish, explore the city and its customs and have lots of fun.

Benno, Swiss

Taronja was such a good experience. I began with a level test and an interview before to start the lessons. there are activities to practice the language and to connect with other students. The school location is perfect. That´s in the city center. The teachers are excellent and the school has a methodical and technological practice which is so moderns. I will recommend this school.  

Maximilian, Germany

I have been in Valencia for four weeks. It´s a really beautiful city with  lots of bars, restaurants and cafes. Also the old town, Ruzafa and the beach are well worth the visit. In those four weeks, i´ve learned a lot of Spanish. the teachers at Taronja school are great and they teach you a lot in a helpful and fun way. Thank you for the past four weeks!

Gdañsku, Poland

Andrea is the best. I had loved the lessons with Andrea and Marina because there are so interesting. I learned a lot. The city trip with Alvaro was also so interesting. I loved the courses with Andrea and Antonio. The time here was fantastic.

Jolia, Paulina, Maciej, Agata

I loved being here. The places was so great and marvelous. The teachers are so nice.


Valencia is a great city, especially the Rio Turía park. The teachers are so nice and want to help us so bad.


Lycée Georges Brassens, Francia

Nuestra experiencia en Valencia fue muy provechoso, la gente es muy acogedor. La escuela Taronja es una escuela muy original, los cursos son muy divertidos, nuestro vocabulario ha mejorado. Nos gustaron mucho las Fallas, el ambiente era muy bonito y las tradiciones también. Gracias por esta experiencia en Valencia.

Emma, Ophélie

La semana aquí en la escuela fue muy interesante y divertida. Tiene un buen método para enseñar nuevas cosas. La ambientación en la escuela es acogedora, los profesores son my simpáticos y amables también. Valencia es una ciudad muy bonita y activa.

Aymerie, Véronique

La experiencia en la escuela fue muy bonita. Valencia nos gustó mucho y aprendimos muchas cosas. Los profesores fueron muy simpáticos. El método de enseñanza es diferente de nuestra isla, pero muy bueno. Fue una buena experiencia aprender en esta escuela. ¡Gracias por todo!

Léa, Jennifer

La escuela y los profesores son muy buenos. La enseñanza es diferente de la Isla de la Reunión pero también muy interesante. Los profesores explican bien y son muy amables. La ciudad es muy grande y bonita.

Emilie, Bérénice

St. Dominics, United Kingdom

We had an awesome time! The activities were very organized and a lot of fun. The school gave us a magical experience!

Nicole, Jasmine

I loved spending the last week at Taronja School in Valencia. The classes were very dynamic and I learned a lot of new vocabulary. I enjoyed all the activities and would recommend this program to other students. Thank you!


I like the school because the teachers are very friendly. I would recommend this program to other students.


Very good! The teachers are very kind and help all the students equally. We learned a lot, but at the same time there are teachers that make the course very funny. We would recommend this experience and come back to do this course at the same school.

Nino, Elise

Our families were very kind and the course was very well organized, with friendly teachers with a lot of energy. We had a fun week. We would recommend this course to everyone that wants to have a fun week but at the same time learn a lot.

Cléa, Kevin

Truro, Inglaterra

Es bueno que las clases sean interactivos. Disfrutamos de aprender sobre la cultura española. Valencia es muy bonita y la escuela es interesante y fantástica.

Isabella, Zak, Chelsea

Las actividades son muy interesantes y Valencia es muy, muy bonita. Taronja es una escuela útil y los profesores son muy simpáticos, atentos y pacientes. Me encanta Valencia 🙂


Creo que los profesores son muy simpáticos y amables. Las clases me ayudaron a aprender más español, disfruté mucho de la semana porque las clases fueron muy interesantes y también divertidas.


Los profesores son dinámicos, simpáticos y graciosos. Nos gustaron las actividades, especialmente los que fueron creativas. Lo recomendaríamos a todos.

Cathy, Hugo

Durante esta experiencia fuimos a excursiones muy divertidas y interesantes. Aprendimos mucho y practicamos conjugar verbos. Nos gustó mucho la Paella de Bienvenida.

Niamh, Quinta, Abby, Jasmine

Martin, Germany

My time in Taronja was so cool! The classes were well organised and the teachers were really nice. In addition there are many activities everyday where you can meet a lot of people from many different countries. That’s why my experience here was really fun and amazing. I can only recommend to learn spanish in Taronja and enjoy the spanish.

Giorgia, Italia

Este verano no me habría ido a Valencia si no hubiera tenido una buena motivación. Esta escuela fue mi motivación, y es la razón por la cual pude disfrutar de una experiencia maravillosa donde lengua, cultura, diversión, encuentros y caras nuevas se mezclan en un super “Paellero”- Esta mezcla, para mí, fue Taronja, o mejor dicho, esta mezcla es Taronja. Muchas gracias a todos los “Taronjos” porque me enseñaron el arte de disfrutar aprendiendo.

Alina, Russia

I’d like to thank Taronja school and all its members! I came here just knowing a few words in spanish, and now, after 3 weeks of intensive course, I can explain myself in spanish. I also improved my grammar and vocabulary skills. The way of studying is very friendly and the atmosphere is awesome. All of the teachers are perfect. Each one has his own way of teaching. It’s cool. I hope next year I’ll visit Valencia again and I’ll have one more intensive course in Taronja. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend the activities but all of the students said that the activities were cool. I wish good luck to Taronja and looking forward to see you all next year!