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Nooderpoort, Netherlands

I really like it there : Beautiful people, nice sun and cool workshops. It was a good experience.


It was a really nice time with nice people.


Our overall experience in Valencia was amazing. Our host families are the nicest and are very kind. They are like our second mother and father. We also had a very diversified schedule with free time where we could explorer the city. The workshops were very varied and educational. The local people are vey kind and this is a perfect city to shop and we love our teacher Antonio.

Evelien, Serena and Olinka

We has an amazing experience in Valencia. The Taronja teachers were great. The classes were fun and we learned a lot. The host family were AMAZING! They took good care of us and treated us as their own. The activities/workshops were a lot of fun with lots of variety to please everyone. It has been great!

Dorien, Sabine and Priscilla

We enjoyed the classes very much. It was nice that we were divided into smaller groups. The vibe was always good. Valencia is a beautiful city and this all felt like a holiday. The families were all so kind to us and made us feel welcome.

Roos, Pien and Leonie

Linnéa, Sweden

Coming into the school was a great thing for me. It has allowed me to learn enough Spanish and feeling like could talk and hold a conversation. This was a real important thing for me because knows i can communicate with my boyfriend´s family from here. That was the  main goal when I started here. Now, with my Spanish level, i can understand life situations here and some cultural differences. All these things are thank to the good teachers that we have in the school who motivated me each day and made the lessons interesting. Of course,  I have been very comfortable with my classroom mate and i bring with me more than a good friendship with some of them. Learning a language is frustrating and I have been frustrated many times, but i know that with your help, I have started on the right path. Thank you so much, I enjoyed it very much!

Truro, United Kingdom

It’s good that the classes are interactive. We enjoyed learning about the Spanish culture. Valencia is very pretty and the school is interesting and fantastic.

Isabella, Zak, Chelsea

The activities are very interesting and Valencia is really, really pretty. Taronja is a useful school and the teachers are very friendly, attentive and patient. I love Valencia 🙂


I think the teachers are very friendly and kind. The classes helped me to learn more Spanish, I really enjoyed this week because the classes were both interesting and fun.


The teachers are dynamic, friendly and funny. We liked the activities, especially the creative ones. We would recommend this to everyone.

Cathy, Hugo

During this experience we went on excursions that were both fun and very interesting. We learned a lot and practiced to conjugate verbs. We liked the Paella Party a lot.

Niamh, Quinta, Abby, Jasmine

Ullern, Norway

We had a very good time, because the Spanish classes were a lot of fun. The teachers are very cheerful, friendly and charming. In only five days we learned a lot.

Andrea, Rikke, Bertine

The experience in Valencia was very educational and a lot of fun! We did a lot of different things, for example: we went to see the Museo Fallero, the Oceanográfico and the beautiful city centre. We rented bikes, bathed in the sun and swam in the ocean. We learned a lot and recommend traveling to Valencia and attending Taronja School.

Christian, Ingrid

We liked our classes in Taronja. The teachers were really good and Valencia is the perfect place to learn Spanish. There were a lot of fun activities. We recommend this experience with Taronja to other students.

Halvor, Simon, Victor

Taronja is a good and fun school. The teachers are good and funny. We learned a lot of Spanish this week. All in all a great week!

Kristin, Karoline, Herman

We think this trip was a lot of fun, because we had different excursions every day. The school has numerous good teachers and the classes are open, colorful and interesting. We like the school!

Kaja, Jostein

We arrived on Sunday and the school welcomed us. We learned a lot in the school and the families. There was also a good balance between work and fun.

Lars, Olav, Bendik

We think Valencia is a pretty city with a big and beautiful beach. It’s easy to walk everywhere and the people are really friendly too. The school is located in the centre of the city. We think the teachers are funny and charming. Ours were awesome.

Josefine, Nicolai, AleHe

The school is very pretty and located in the centre of the city, which is useful. The organization was really good because we were in small groups, and as a consequence the communication with the teacher worked very well. We learned a lot of Spanish. We think Valencia is a beautiful city and, through the activities with the school, we could see a lot of it. There a lot of things to do.

Tora, Caroline, Charlotte

Maria, Suiza

My name is Maria, I’m from Switzerland and I’m 65 years old. I spent 2 weeks in Taronja with my husband who is 73 years old. We liked the school very much. The teaching system is variated and also interesting. The classes are very well decorated and each class has its own decoration. Valencia is a very beautiful and elegant city. We loved the Turia gardens, the promenade and also the central market. Our house was close to the central market and we recommend it. We had 2 very interesting weeks in Valencia!

Patrick, Francia

Enseñanza de la lengua española en tres semanas. Bienvenida: El personal estuvo muy atento, y siempre con una sonrisa. Enseñanza: Todos los profesores demostraron su pedagogía y su profesionalidad. Actividades: Todas las actividades estaban pensadas para mejorar tu conocimiento del español. El ambiente era relajado y estudioso. Todos los otros estudiantes eran agradables y simpáticos. En las actividades podías conocer hispanohablantes. Enhorabuena a todo el equipo por vuestra implicación.

Julia, Switzerland

My experience in Taronja was incredible. I have been to many language schools in my life, but I have to say that Taronja is particularly great. What I most like about the school is that it is small, so everyone knows each other. When you go to the reception to sign up for an activity, you don’t need to say your name because they already know it. Teachers are really nice and they are also a little bit crazy. Now, unfortunately, I’m going back home, but with many good memories in my mind.

Natalie, Czech Republic

Thanks to Taronja for two unforgettable weeks. I had fun with you in an incredible atmosphere. I loved improving my spanish with your commited teachers – Alba, Victoria, Sonia, Carmina, Borja and Pablo. It was clear that they loved their work. They encouraged us to speak as much as possible, and they always gave us a lot of information in order to develop our knowledge. In addition, I liked the sociocutural activities that made us meet other students and learn some spanish history and culture. Thanks also to Valeria, who always helped me with the organization before my arrival, and also during my stay.

Marika, Czech Republic

My experience in Taronja is really good. The classes were interesting, fun and interactive. Teachers were nice and gave us plenty of material for studying. I liked the activities because I could learn the spanish culture and meet students from all Europe.

Anne, Alemania

Vine aquí sin hablar una palabra de español. He estado en Valencia durante tres semanas, y en estas semanas he aprendido mucho. Vine a la escuela Taronja porque me servía para mi carrera. Creo que estoy bien preparada. ¡La escuela es genial! Los profesores son muy simpáticos y amables. La escuela es muy moderna y bonita. ¡Gracias por todo! Un abrazo.

Maja, Germany

I really like learning Spanish at Taronja school! They are well organised, have amazing socio-cultural activities and the best teachers work here! I’m going to return!