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Tina, Alemania

I loved my Spanish class. The teachers Teresa and Marta were very kind and the class was very fun. There were many opportunities for me to practice my Spanish in my apartment, with an Italian girl in the class and also in the excursions every evening; for example the ´Tapas Tour´after 2 beers it was easier for me to speak Spanish with lots of people from different countries. Thank you for an amazing week!

Alicia, Holanda

My name is Alicia and I am Dutch. I went to Taronja for 1 month. It is a special school and I like the activities (especially la Tomatina!) and the teachers and the interns. I enjoyed the classes, they were very fun and the teachers are kind and creative. I met a lot of international people at Taronja. I also love the city of Valencia. It is a young city, the atmosphere is great and I like the bars, Tapas and the Spanish restaurants. The time went very fast, but another time I would like to return to Taronja. Thank you everyone!  

Vera, Holanda

I like Taronja School a lot. 2 weeks ago I found myself with teachers that are very friendly, enthusiastic, energetic, kind and always help. They never ask for more. I also like the activities. They are fun, different and there is something for everyone . I am 44 years old, but this wasn´t a problem. The classes are small, the atmosphere was great and not all of the students are 20-25 years old. I heard that Taronja is not in other cities. Studying with Taronja and living in a city like Valencia is a great way to get to know the Spanish life, the city, an Spanish naturally. It was a great experience and I recommend it to everyone!    

Sara, Alemania

I love Taronja. The 4 weeks there very useful, overall very fun. I enjoyed the classes with the fun teachers and the atmosphere is really cool. Thank you to Taronja for improving my Spanish with diversion, thank you Valencia for being a marvellous city. I will return one day to study at Taronja. See you later, Sara.


It was an experience extremely gratifying! I can´t believe that my 3 weeks here have come to an end. For me, this small moment in my life is very striking, I learnt how to speak Spanish in a trained way. The teachers, the atmosphere, the school, the personalities of the people, the presence of the different cultures, the activities… everything for me was perfect and even more. Today, I understand the expression: ¨Spanish courses and a lot more¨. I learnt a lot about myself in a positive way. I know a bit better who I am, and I know what are my strengths, my cualities, my goal and what I am capable of doing. Incredible no? I learnt a lot about myself in just 3 weeks than in 18 years. The ¨lot more¨ in the expression are the little things that they do so that you feel good. I have returned to my house like a flower that has been born. It´s not possible to be sure of my future, but I will definitely go back there. Sincerely, thank you so much for making me a richer person.

Mario, Italia

Well, my relationship with the school still has a positive judgement. Aswell as for me as I am a bit older. These 2 weeks have allowed me to turn back to the time when I went to school, for me it was like a time machine had taken me back. The classes were very fun and the teachers calibrated our knowledge in the daily classes. Yes, I enjoyed my stay with you.

Danka, Eslovaquia

2 weeks in Taronja school is a lot of experience for my ability of Spanish speaking. I spent fun times with the teachers (Victor, Marta and Jesus) who are very nice, creative, patient and overall very professional. I have experienced many interesting activities, kind friends and also a big inspiration for my future of studying. I would like to spend more time at Taronja. Thank you very much to all of the team at Taronja. nja .

Peter, Eslovaquia

I completed 2 weeks of intense Spanish, which for me was a great experience. I made a lot of new friends and I spent many unforgettable moments with the creative teachers, who helped me to compile my collection of new knowledge of the language. I´m going home with a bigger brain for which there is no space! Thank you very much.

Artea, Italia

¡Hola! Soy Artea y soy de Italia. Estas cuatro semanas aquí en Taronja fueron maravillosas. He conocido personas  fantásticas que me ayudaron mucho en todo; trabajar en una escuela come Taronja fue absolutamente una nueva experiencia; lo que mas me ha gustado fueron las personas que trabajan aquí; son muy amables y trabajadoras. Fue la experiencia mas maravillosa de mi vida . Espero volver. Hasta la próxima vez.

Marina, Norvega

Hola, soy Reidun Marina y soy de Norvega. Vivo en Oslo pero nació en Lafoten (hay sobre el circulo polar artico). Decidi curso de una semana en Valencia en mayo. Creo que la escuela es muy buena y tanto administrativo y los profesores son muy talentoso y servicial. También me gustan mucho todos las actividades fuera del curso. Ayer, por ejemplo, estaba en la playa y celebré San Juan-magia!! Estoy muy contento con el lugar donde vivo y el camino o la escuela. Ojalá tuviera más tiempo aquí y volveremos. Certamente, puedo recomendar Taronja escuela para todos y es uy feliz. IMG_3452

Georgia, Usa

Apartments-for-sale-Valencia-Spain6Estoy muy triste por dejar Taronja y la hermosa Valencia. He hecho muchos recuerdos inolvidables. Estoy muy impresionado por los profesores y las muchas actividades. El ambiente era muy amable y acogedor, que ayuda cuando se viaja solo a un nuevo país. Me inspira para continuar estudios españoles cuando vuelva a Texas. Ademas me gustaría que quiera aprender español. ¡Grazias por esta magnífica experiencia y voy a estar de vuelta!

Sophie, Austria/Suiza

El tiempo en Taronja me gusta mucho. La escuela es muy, muy bien organizada: la clase y las actividades también. Taronja organiza muchas actividades muy interesantes y diferentes. La gente de la escuela es muy agradable y abierta. Los profesores son muy competentes y simpáticos. ¡Yo recomiendo la escuela Taronja a todos! ¡Un tiempo inolvidable en Valencia!