It was an experience extremely gratifying! I can´t believe that my 3 weeks here have come to an end. For me, this small moment in my life is very striking, I learnt how to speak Spanish in a trained way. The teachers, the atmosphere, the school, the personalities of the people, the presence of the different cultures, the activities… everything for me was perfect and even more. Today, I understand the expression: ¨Spanish courses and a lot more¨. I learnt a lot about myself in a positive way. I know a bit better who I am, and I know what are my strengths, my cualities, my goal and what I am capable of doing. Incredible no? I learnt a lot about myself in just 3 weeks than in 18 years. The ¨lot more¨ in the expression are the little things that they do so that you feel good. I have returned to my house like a flower that has been born. It´s not possible to be sure of my future, but I will definitely go back there. Sincerely, thank you so much for making me a richer person.

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