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Isabelle, France

I have passed two interesting weeks in Valencia that I have liked a lot. I have liked the school as much as the activities outside of it. I have had the opportunity to improve my Spanish level thanks to the teachers and the team at the school but also thanks to my host family.

Maja, Alemania

Me gusta mucho aprender español en la escuela Taronja! Ellos son bien organizados, tienen actividades socio-culturales maravillosos y aquí trabajan los mejores profesores! Voy a volver!

Karsten, Germany

My time in “Taronja” school was very fun and interesting for me. I want to thank all the teachers for teaching me Spanish. Furthermore, I have liked the activities a lot, for example the Mexican party and the welcome party with Paella for students. Again, I would like to say thank you for everything.

Nino, Russia

The school is really cool. It helped me a lot to improve my Spanish. It was an incredible experience. Thanks a lot to everyone, to my teachers and to the school.

Victoria, Russia

En general, I have liked it very much. The school is good: the classes are very dynamic and fun, the teachers use different and interesting methods, the material used in the classes is a mix of technologies and games (there aren’t boring books and manuals). The school organises Spanish classes as perfectly as it does socio-cultural activities which help students to meet and get to know new friends. I am very content that I have chosen this school, thanks to Taronja I have had an amazing holiday – from the teachers always ready to explain everything to the other foreign students who are as enthusiastic for Spanish as I am. I have had great practice speaking Spanish with those at Taronja and natives, thanks to Taronja I have learnt a lot of colloquial phrases, and I have increased my vocabulary. In the end I want to say it’s a perfect option to learn Spanish and spend a wonderful holiday in Valencia.

Josine, Holanda

Me lo he pasado muy bien estas dos semanas en Valencia. Ha sido un placer conocer al personal de Taronja en persona. Me parece una escuela singular, sobre todo por las clases con tantos colores y temas diferentes. Todo fue muy bien organizado, las clases fueron interesantes y las actividades variadas. Os deseo lo mejor y espero que nos veamos pronto de nuevo. Saludos, Josine

Maria, Italy

My linguistic stay in Valencia was very short but intense and fruitful. The city is wonderful, rich in culture and history. The location of the school is perfect, in the centre of the city. The team is friendly and attentive to the needs of students. The teachers teach well and are original and agreeable. Everyday there is something new to do. I met people from all over the world and learnt a lot in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. I am satisfied with my experience and would recomend the school to other students.

Fermi, Italy

It was a great experience, and we would do everything again. The activities were really fun and we liked them a lot. The teachers were amazing, especially Borja.

I think Taronja is a good school because it offers a very good service to foreigners. The routes through the city are very well organised and really interesting.  There are also parties at night, which are really fun.

Decia, Belgium

I arrived alone in Valencia, but after a few days I already had lots of friends. Taronja is now like my second family. It’s not only the students, but also the teachers, that form part of this family. I liked all the activities with the school because you always get to know new people from all over the world. The classes are also very good as there is a lot of diversity in the content and we talked a lot with the teachers. I think that Taronja has helped me fall in love with Valencia and I will miss you all!

Charlotte, France

Taronja is a really good school and I learnt a lot of things in only 5 days here. The teachers are very dynamic and made me really want to speak Spanish in class. It was my first time in a language school and I liked the experience a lot. The activities were really fun and allowed us to get to know a lot of people from all over the world and enjoy practising our Spanish together. Maybe I will return in a few years!

Hufragel, Austria

I like the school Taronja a lot. Everything is great. I have studied a lot and after a week I am capable of speaking a bit. I chose Taronja owing to comments on the internet and it was the right choice. Everything was perfect. The organisation, the information  and last but not least the staff. Everyone was very friendly, and helpful with any kind of information. The teachers did a very good job even if the methods (only one) could be adapted. Also the activities proposed by the school are very nice and help you get to know other participants and to practice the language. The accomodation was perfect! So I will come again and definitely recommend Taronja!

Philipp, Germany

Taronaja is not only familiar but also a family – and a close one. After 25 years of searching, I have finally found my brother Borja. At last! In addition, thanks to Josevi I have learn to speak, especially with a pen between my teeth. Many thanks to everyone for two weeks of learning, of culture, and of willingness to help, of friendliness and of happiness. I liked it a lot.