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Torben, Alemania

It has been a great week

Valencia is an awesome city and I can only recommend TARONJA to everyone .

It was well organized and we had a lot of fun during our classes.

Thanks Taronja!

Martine, Holanda

I liked the classes very much. I didn’t like that we had classes in the afternoon. 🙂 Classes every morning would be better for me

Bettina, Alemania

A lot of very nice teachers: The classes go very fast. You can’t talk a lot during the classes which is a bit of a shame: The activities of the school are a great idea. the cooking class was very fun! It is good that they offer activities in the weekend.

Olivia, United States

My experience in Valencia and Taronja has been fun and good. Taronja gave me the opportunity to improve my Spanish and feel more confident in my ability to speak. I really liked the people of Taronja and the other students because they have a passion to learn Spanish.

Christine, France

Valencia is a good school, the facilities are perfect for feeling good and the teachers are friendly. You can only improve your Spanish level.

Rosalind, Wales

Valencia is a beautiful, historic and very interesting city. You can walk through the streets, gardens and parks to see the ancient city and people from all over the world. I took a bus to the beach for €1. 50 and it’s hot at sea. I ate the good food of the region in the cafeterias for little money. Taronja has many activities for students, you can never eat alone. I’m a grandmother and the oldest of the students but it’s not important here. I really liked Valencia and hope to come back next year.

Juliet, Kazakhstan

I really like the Taronja school because every week we have new teachers and new classes that are very good. I also like that on weekends we go to other cities to visit them and relax. I live here without my family and that’s why I have a lot of free time. I’m happy to have chosen this school!

Albin, Austria

At first, I have to say: Valencia is a very nice city with impressive tourist attractions, with old but also modern buildings. My wife and I spent a week here, enjoyed the culture, the people, the food and of course the beach. In addition, we enjoyed running in the wonderful park of the Turia. The school and the classes were very nice and interesting and of course the teachers too. It was a very pleasant week so I think I’ll be back in Valencia again.

Bruno, Italy

I am very happy to have chosen the Taronja Spanish school and I believe I will continue in the future as well. The teachers and staff are always very available, pay attention to the students and everything is well organized. In addition to the classes, the school offers many activities every day.

Christian & Aline, France

The administrative organization, the teaching and the teachers were excellent. Our stay was very nice and helpful. We recommend Taronja to our friends who learn Spanish together to us in France.  

Cégep du vieux Montreal, Canada

Valencia is such a good city. The teachers are so talented and nice. The food was delicious. The beach is beautiful. The weather was nice during our stay. We liked the schedule and the activities. Peñiscola y Montanejos…Awesome! The families were really friendly, generous and open-minded. Chef Nando…..So cool!

Juliette y Mánuel

Thank you for everything. The teachers are great. The food, for example the «paellas» and «tortillas», was delicious. The activities were brilliant. We learned a lot thanks to these activities (Kahoot, Lyrics,…). The schedule was adapted to our needs. The paella was really delicious! The cook was really funny. The cooking class was magnificent. We visited many interesting places: Thermal waters, Peñiscola and other really cool villages.

Max y Aïda

The classes in Taronja were really funny. We learned many new words and ways to improve our conversation skills. We treated different subjects. We also did activities to learn more things (Awesome!). We liked the rotating schedule where we switched between morning and afternoon classes. We liked the activities, especially Peñiscola and Montanejos. The cooking class with Chef Nando was hilarious and we enjoyed the food. Thank you for everything!

Clémence y Jennifer

We enjoyed our stay in Valencia. We liked to visit the city and nearby villages (peñiscola, Sagunto,…). The city of Valencia has many districts and there is always something to discover.

Samuel, Félix y Milie

Nos ha gustado la experiencia en Valencia. Los profesores eran dinámicos y los asuntos eran interesantes pero nos hubiera gustado que todas las clases fueran por la mañana (Menos cansado) Los guías eran muy buenos y nos dijeron cosas interesantes sobre la ciudad. Las actividades eran diversificadas y divertidas. Deberíais hablar del sitio (Web) LoveValencia.

We really liked our experience in Valencia. The teachers were dynamic and the subjects were interesting. However, we would have preferred to have all of our classes in the mornings (Less tired). The guides were great and they told us interesting things about the city. The activities were divers and funny. You should have told us about the web page LoveValencia.

Alizée, Emma y Sarah