Francesca, Italy

My experience in Taronja has been unforgettable. Taronja isn’t a school like the others, it’s a big family! I have enjoyed every moment in Valencia and now feel at home here. Thank you for everything. (And see you soon!)

Timo, Germany

I liked my time in Valencia a lot! The teachers are nice, the school is helpful. The activities are always fun and I enjoyed them a lot. I made a lot of new friends and want to come back. I had a great time and will recommend Taronja!

Kerstin, Germany

Charming and welcoming – well organised and vivid at the same time. It was a great time and I would recommend it fully. I was a pure beginner and our teachers did a great job! They were attentive, creative and full of ideas to make you understand and learn Spanish :). Give it a try!

Katharina, Germany

Taronja is a fantastic school. The teachers are friendly and all explain the grammar very well. When I have a question they always help me. The relationship between the teachers and students is like that between friends and because of this I like the school. Furthermore, the activities are really fun. I like that every week there are different parties and opportunities to get to know Valencia.

Isabelle, France

I have passed two interesting weeks in Valencia that I have liked a lot. I have liked the school as much as the activities outside of it. I have had the opportunity to improve my Spanish level thanks to the teachers and the team at the school but also thanks to my host family.

Maja, Germany

I really like learning Spanish at Taronja school! They are well organised, have amazing socio-cultural activities and the best teachers work here! I’m going to return!

Karsten, Germany

My time in “Taronja” school was very fun and interesting for me. I want to thank all the teachers for teaching me Spanish. Furthermore, I have liked the activities a lot, for example the Mexican party and the welcome party with Paella for students. Again, I would like to say thank you for everything.

Maria, Bulgaria

The school is very nice. The teachers are very friendly, nice and have interesting ideas for the clases. I have learnt a lot during my classes

Nino, Russia

The school is really cool. It helped me a lot to improve my Spanish. It was an incredible experience. Thanks a lot to everyone, to my teachers and to the school.

Monica, Italy

I recommend to all those wanting to learn Spanish in an interesting and fun way that  they sign up to a ‘Taronja’ course. For me it’s the best school! Everyone is very helpful and friendly!

Victoria, Russia

En general, I have liked it very much. The school is good: the classes are very dynamic and fun, the teachers use different and interesting methods, the material used in the classes is a mix of technologies and games (there aren’t boring books and manuals). The school organises Spanish classes as perfectly as it does socio-cultural activities which help students to meet and get to know new friends. I am very content that I have chosen this school, thanks to Taronja I have had an amazing holiday – from the teachers always ready to explain everything to the other foreign students who are as enthusiastic for Spanish as I am. I have had great practice speaking Spanish with those at Taronja and natives, thanks to Taronja I have learnt a lot of colloquial phrases, and I have increased my vocabulary. In the end I want to say it’s a perfect option to learn Spanish and spend a wonderful holiday in Valencia.