Eva, Germany

I stayed only 2 weeks here, but I had a great time! The school is really good organized and I never felt alone. Everybody is very nice and helpful, and there are a lot of activities which help you to integrate and to move outside. The feeling is like to be in a great family. After 2 days here I wanted to change my room. That was no problem and there was very fast another room prepared. I continue my studies in the south of Spain, but I’m sure that I will come to Taronja again, also because Valencia is a very nice and interesting city. And I learned so much although my time here was very short. The lessons are also very good organized.

Claudia, Germany

From the beginning (inscription, first doubts…) the administrative team of Taronja was completely available and they helped me with any questions I may had. With enthusiasm, sense of humour, patience and good formation, the teachers and bosses of Taronja provided the appropriate lesson to each of the students from very different countries, cultures and ages. The use of methods well planned, and a lot of material and new technologies made it easy to the individual success of the students. The location of the school in the middle of the city is perfect, and the atmosphere of the classes and common rooms is welcoming, with a very creative look. I could also enjoy my stay thanks to the organization of the accommodation, which was very nice and very close to the school. Moreover, I enjoyed the possibility of taking art classes in a good art school in Valencia. Thanks to the staff of Taronja, I would love to come back.

Maria, Suiza

My name is Maria, I’m from Switzerland and I’m 65 years old. I spent 2 weeks in Taronja with my husband who is 73 years old. We liked the school very much. The teaching system is variated and also interesting. The classes are very well decorated and each class has its own decoration. Valencia is a very beautiful and elegant city. We loved the Turia gardens, the promenade and also the central market. Our house was close to the central market and we recommend it. We had 2 very interesting weeks in Valencia!

Katharina, Germany

I’m from Germany and this is the first time I have been in Spain, and it’s also my first time studying spanish. I spent 3 months in Taronja, in Valencia, and I’m happy for having chosen this school and this city. Taronja offers many activities, all of them very cool and interesting! I’m so happy for having been a student here because the teachers are extremely nice and they always try to explain everything well. Thank you very much for these memorable months, and maybe see you soon!

Laura, Germany

I’ve loved to study in Taronja! The teachers are cool. They teach a lot but they also go out with you. It’s a good mix. In class there are activities that I liked a lot. The best one for me is the quiz ‘kahoot’. There are also activities outside the school. Those activities are very good to meet other students. Thank you Taronja! I will come back next year!

Aogusta, Switzerland

Three weeks of classes are a lot, but for me time has passed so fast! I liked the teachers who were so kind, friendly and professionals, because they helped me with all the doubts or problems I had. I felt very well with my classmates. The activities were interesting, and I learnt while having fun. Thanks to everyone and see you soon!

Manuel, Austria

I was in the school for six weeks in total and I enjoyed every day. All the teachers were really kind, with different teaching styles, but all of them helped the students in whatever they needed. There were also activities that encouraged you to meet other students, and these activities were well organised and fun. I recommend Taronja school to everyone willing to learn or improve their spanish.

Patrick, France

I have been learning spanish for three weeks. Welcome: The staff were always available and smiley. Teaching: All the teachers showed their pedagogy and their profesionalism. Activities: All the activities were intended to improve your knowledge of spanish. The atmosphere is relaxed and studious. All the other students are nice and smiley. The activities also allow you to meet spanish speakers. Congratulations to all the team for your implication.

Simona, Italy

Taronja is not an ordinary school, Taronja is much more. Taronja is a family! I have spent here an unforgettable month. The atmosphere is amazing, I have learnt a lot because here I had everything I needed: a new, modern and positive environment. Taronja is life, and it is full of fantastic experiences. That’s why I hope to come back soon! Thank you so much Taronja!

Noël, France

Your experience in Taronja cannot be described, you have to live it. The school staff, teachers, recepcionists, the classes and the activities are great! Classes are very interesting (not boring at all) and communicative. The school also prepares activities to enjoy the city and meet more people. You can practise your spanish! I loved the city and my time at the school. My stay in the school has been a very important moment in my life and I will never forget it. I don’t want to go back to my country. I will miss you! Thank you very much for everything.

Antonio, Italy

Teachers: Despite being young, all of them have plenty of experience in teaching. Organization: All the activities and events of the city were organised in order to share the local beauties and the spanish culture. In addition, all the school staff want the students to learn the language through these activities. Talking about the experience in class, it is important that there aren’t more than 5 or 6 students per class, and it is also important that all the students are at the same level.