Torben, Alemania

It has been a great week

Valencia is an awesome city and I can only recommend TARONJA to everyone .

It was well organized and we had a lot of fun during our classes.

Thanks Taronja!

Kristina, Russia

I am very happy to choose Valencia and Taronja Spanish school as the place to learn Spanish!

All the teachers are very kind, open and are excited to teach and support their students.

I will recommend Taronja to other students!

Viviane, Suiza


The school is a very good choice. The administration works flawlessly and they keep the desires of their students in mind to fulfill them.

The teachers are kind and interested in your progress. The class hours are variated and you learn a lot about the Spanish customs and culture.

The interns are also interested in your well-being and you having emergency contacts as well as being at ease.

Martine, Holanda

I liked the classes very much. I didn’t like that we had classes in the afternoon. 🙂 Classes every morning would be better for me

Louise, Canada

I really enjoyed learning together with a very enthusiastic group of students. the teachers succeeded in adapting themselves to the level of the group and gave enough personal attention/help.

Bettina, Alemania

A lot of very nice teachers: The classes go very fast. You can’t talk a lot during the classes which is a bit of a shame: The activities of the school are a great idea. the cooking class was very fun! It is good that they offer activities in the weekend.

Robert, Alemania

I returned to Taronja after 2 years because I liked that course very much everything was «Super new» to me. This time I had more special needs because I wanted to improve my grammar and ability to speak. My brain was having a hard time to absorb al that information I was using spanish all day! I guess I did improve (and sorted out) a lot. Vamos a ver… p.s. I hope I will come again soon, still a lot of learn.  

Régis, France

I knew Valencia and I like the city very much. This is the fourth time I’ve been here. My experience in school was very good. I don’t think a week is enough, but I didn’t have any more time. I found teachers with great qualities! Many thanks to Marina, Alvaro who are excellent teachers in my opinion. Next year, I hope to come back in a Taronja and this time, I’ll stay for two weeks. Everyone at this school is very nice. I also met many people who came from different countries. I recommend Taronja to everyone who wants to improve their Spanish skills. I already miss this school before I leave already. However, I will continue to learn Spanish because I love Spain.

François, Belgium

What an experience! Valencia is an incredible city. We have everything here: The sun, a beautiful city, the beach, the party and so much more. Taronja school is a lot of fun and the activities too. I’ve made some fantastic friends here and I will visit them in the future. For me, it was an experience that I will never forget. Thank to all so much!

Giulia, Italy

My experience in Valencia is very positive. I am enthusiastic about the teachers and the teaching methodology used during the classes. I really appreciate the extra-cultural activities too, especially the cooking class and Pasea&Aprende. I hope to return soon to this school which is really valid.

Olivia, United States

My experience in Valencia and Taronja has been fun and good. Taronja gave me the opportunity to improve my Spanish and feel more confident in my ability to speak. I really liked the people of Taronja and the other students because they have a passion to learn Spanish.

Kim, Netherlands

I like Taronja to learn Spanish and meet new people. The classes and activities are greatly fun. However, I would rather like to have the same teacher for two weeks than just one.


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