¨I enjoyed learning about Valencian culture and about different cultures and the activities to learn these things.¨

¨It was very fun, and I learnt a lot!¨

¨I enjoyed my time at Taronja School. This week we took part in many fun activities. I would like to visit Valencia with the school again.¨

¨I enjoyed this week because we could only speak in Spanish, because of this I learnt a lot of Spanish.¨

¨The teachers are really really kind and fun. I could understand Spanish for the first time!¨

¨The teachers at Taronja are very funny and kind. I learnt a lot!¨

¨Taronja was an experience that I will never forget in my life, I learnt a lot.¨

¨My experience at Taronja is astonishing. I learnt a lot!¨


¨I love the topics that we study, especially the debate about technology that we did.¨

¨The experience in class was very fun, because we went to the street to speak to Spanish people.¨

¨I really liked the way in which the teachers taught.¨

 ¨I like the topics and the activities. I think that I learned a lot.¨

¨I love the discussions that we had, I hope that we return to Valencia.¨

¨I like practising our Spanish in the community of Valencia during the interactive activities and also the ways in the class and the teachers.¨


¨Out experience at Taronja was very fun. The teachers (Marta and Josevi) were very funny and because of this they taught a lot. In class, we learnt colloquial expressions and translations, (for example Fallas) and because of this, we can understand the culture of Spain better than before. Outside of class we had the opportunity to speak Spanish all of the time, it was incredible and it helped us to improve our fluency with the language. Also, we loved the salsa class, the monuments, the beach, tapas and the paella. To conclude, the experience was great!¨

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