Collegio San Luigi, Italia

Edoardo, Enrico, Pietro, Francesco. We think that Taronja is a really good school because Marta and Guillermo are always ready to teach and interact with the students. School starts at 9am and lasts for four hours. We really liked the activities because we studied and had a good time too. We met and spoke to lots of people. We really enjoyed the last day, where we watched Chef Fernando cooking typical Spanish food and then we ate together afterwards. The school has a very simple and effective way of teaching the language and culture. Elisa Speca,Federica Zauli, Margherita Malaguti, Rosita Fiori. Hello! We are from Bolonia. We have been learning Spanish in the school this week and we really like it. Thanks to the course we have learnt a lot and the teachers are really good and friendly. We really recommend this experience for having fun in a great city! VIVA ESPAÑA! Michelle, Azzura, Feoleicos, Edoardo. We are from a school in Bolonia called Collegia San Luigi and we are here for a school trip. We really like the school, it has really fun classes and really nice teachers. We hope to come back for another unforgettable trip. We will miss you! Martina, Sofia, Achille, Carlo, y Alberto. We have really enjoyed this experience and we have learnt a lot. On the first day we explored the Old Town. We danced Salsa with a great teacher. We went to a Valencian cooking class with Fernando. The food was great and so was the Flamenco show. Marta and Guillermo are brilliant teachers who know how to teach students. We also went to the City of Arts and Sciences, the Fallas Musuem, and the Oceanographic which was really nice. Enrico, Martina, Alice, y Camilia. These holidays have been useful for learning Spanish and we have had a really good time. The place is very comfortable, the people are nice and so are the teachers. The best day was Wednesday when we went to the beach and played football and went hiking. We have learnt a lot and had an amazing time.  


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