Tulln, Austria

We are students from Austria that visited Valencia and went to Taronja school for a week. We had very funny classes. Why?  We spoke a lot in class and we learned many new things. We made questions to people in the streets as well. We went to some excursions with the school. We visited Albufera, the city of the Arts and Sciences, where we saw a very interesting museum, a 3D movie about dinosaurs in the Hemispheric and many animals that live in the see in the Oceanographic. We did two walks around the city and we learned a lot about Valencia. In addition, we get to know very delicious dishes with Fernando y we ate Paella. In conclusion thank to everyone that made this week unforgettable.

Emanuel, Bebo, Adschi, Anna

We really like staying in Valencia and taking part to the class in Taronja school. The teachers (Pablo and Manuel) had taught us a lot and we have learned many things. Moreover, we really like the different excursions as for example Albufera and the Oceanographic. Another thing that we liked so much was the spanish cooking class with Nando. The different dishes were delicious and when we will be back home in Austria we will cook them for our parents. In addition, we enjoyed so much the museum of «Fallas» and we want to travel again to Valencia when there will be the party of «Fallas». We would really like being part of this celebration and seeing the different figures, the fireworks. Especially we like so much all the city, in particular the old part. We want to thank so much the school Taronja school , the teachers and our spanish families. It is sure that we will visit Valencia another time.

Denise, Katharina

Our week in Valencia. The week in Valencia was very nice and we visited many things. The first excursion was in the Albufera’s park. Not only we went with the boat, but we also saw the fields of rice. On Sunday we went to the city of the Arts and Sciences and then we went to the Oceanographic, where there was a show with dolphins. Probably this is the most interesting attraction. The next day we went to the ancient part of the city in Valencia. This week we also saw the beach. One day we did an excursion to the central market. It was an interesting experience but we will not visit it again because the smell was very bad. On Thursday we visited the museum of «Faller». We think that the «Fallas» are very spectacular. In conclusion it was a very nice trip that passed so fast. We will come back to Valencia one day.

Birgit, Selina, Isabelle

Our week in Valencia. This week we have learned a lot with the teachers Pablo and Manu. Not only we have improved our grammar, but also our knowledge of Spain. Now we know much more things about the culture and the people in Valencia. In the classes of Pablo and Manu there are more important things than having good marks, like for example communicate in spanish. Our experiences with the families were just good- good food, nice bedrooms, interesting conversation. The first day was about going to the city of the Arts and Sciences, where we get a lots of informations about dinosaurs and we could make many experiments. Then we went to the 3D cinema and the Oceanographic were there was a dolphins’s show. Another day of this week we went to the beach to play football, swimming and sunbathing. The most funny moment of our time here was the day in which we cooked specialities of Spain with the cooker Fernando. At night we ate «arroz al horno» with the people of Taronja school. We are hoping to come back one day of our life. Thank you for everything.

Lea and Nadine

We liked taking part to the excursions, that they were always well organized. We enjoyed so much the city of Arts and Sciences and the route in the old part of the city. Beside that, we enjoyed the day we have visited the beach, but sometimes the excursions were a bit exhausting for the hot. The teachers of Taronja school are very funny and they are very motivated in teaching their language to students. We think we have learned something new. In general, the week in Valencia has been an amazing experience.

Pia and Eva

Hello!  We are students of the Tulln high school in Austria. We are studying spanish since 4 years and we want to improve our linguistic abilities in Valencia. We liked that the teachers were nice and they taught us a bit more of spanish than in the school. We think that the classes are too long, because at the end of the class everyone was tired. When we were not in the school we visited different places like Albufera, the city of the Arts and Sciences, the Oceanographic, the route around the old area in town, the central market.

Oliver, Tobias, Sebastian, Felix, Kristina

Hello to all the world! We are students from Austria and we stayed in Valencia for one week. We are studying spanish since 3 years and for that we went to Taronja school. Here we like more the relation with the teachers, because is very different from the classes in Austria. A thing that we did not like were the classes in the afternoon because we prefer spending time in the open air when it is hot. We visited the city of Arts and Sciences, all the modern and ancient parts of the city, the Albufera y much more. But the nicest thing was the beach because we do not have see in Austria.

Maxi, Manu, Verena, Lorena, Hannah

We are students from Austria and we have 17-19 years. We did a trip to Valencia with our school. We like Valencia because there were very funny and friendly people. Beside that, our impression of  Valencia is the you live very well. We think that the spanish language sounds very nice. Moreover, it was sunny and good weather. In Austria now it’s just five degree. The city of Valencia is very sumptuous and multi-coloured. At the end, the best: the beach and the see are amazing. We like it so much!

Flotschi, Stephanie, Vanessa, Selina, Sophie




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