Nicole Charlet alumna octubre 2012


If you want to study Spanish come to Taronja! It has many advantages. It’s in Valencia, beautiful city with diverse architecture from Roman times up to today. You will find places for every desire. Museums, gardens and parks. But most important is the school team that cares about you, answers all questions and organizes various activities. The Spanish teachers are all very nice and teach grammar via different topics so you never get bored! Nobody kills you if you make a mistake! For me «super»! You’re running into Spanish students from countries all around the world. Accommodation: I was lucky: my host took care of me like I was a baby (we always drank!). All this accompanied by the sun (normaly!). In addition, a 20 minute bus or subway ride and you are at the beach… ¡ Viva Taronja! ¡Viva Valencia!

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