Gymnasium Horn, Austria

The activities were very interesting. All the families took care of us very well. The city was very interesting and beautiful. For example, the Oceanográfic has many species of fish. FABIAN, GABRIEL, JAKOB & JENS   This week we got to know the Spanish culture. We loved almost everything. The food is one of the things most beautiful, just like the architecture. In the school we studied a lot of Spanish. All days we had class in the afternoon. The class has been very amusing. We have been debating, which was very interesting, because we had to talk a lot. The activities were very enjoyable. For example, we had a salsa-class and we visited a concert. The excursions were very informative. FABIAN MARKLO & ERNST MADER   The specialities from Spain are diverse and interesting. We liked it a lot. We cooked omelette and prepared sangria and both went very well. The cooking class was very entertaining and the cook was crazy and funny. Valencian beers are very light. The monuments of Valencia are very impressive, particularly the ´Ciudad de Artes y Ciencias´. PASCAL & KYLE   Valencia is very big and beautiful. The city is very typical for Spain, because there are a lot of nice bars. But, the best are the paellas and the tapas, which are in all the bars. In Valencia the is a clean and beautiful beach too. Our school is very painted. Especially the teachers have been very friendly and funny. For this reason, we learned a lot about the culture, the people and Valencia. RAFFAEL S. & LENA P.   We love the food and the tapas. Our families were amusing and friendly. The excursions were informative. The teachers were very cool. The «Cuidad de las Artes y Ciencias» was very impressive, because the architecture is exceptional. In class we learned a lot. One day we danced  Salsa in a bar, which was very amusing. Another day we went to the bar «Black Chili», were we listened to a concert and, after that, we tried some Valencian beers. In summary, the week in Valencia was perfect. LEONHARD GARY & DANIEL ZIEGLER   We like the small groups. Divided in two groups. We like the cooking class. The themes of the week were very cool. The smartboard and the Ipads were great. SEBAS, KERSTIN, CLEMENS & KATHARINA

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