One week in VALENCIA!

Buigen Gynasium, Germany

resizer.phpWe experienced a lot of things in Valencia, but the weather wasn’t good. Such a pity! All the families were kind and it was very interesting to get to know how Spanish people live.

The food and cleanliness were good. We got to know a lot of people and made new friends. We also liked having free time because there are a lot of shops. Also, the activities were more or less good; our guide Marta was very kind and told us lots of stuff about the city. The teachers of Taronja were great, especially Victor and Carlos. Thanks for everything.

Anja, Franzi,  Lisa, Jorgo

Our week in Valencia has been quite nice, even though the weather was veryyyy bad. It rained loads and it was very cold. The activities were quite interesting, but boring at times because we were on our feet all the time. The classes were good because the subjects were interesting, and our discussions were cool too. We liked the teachers (Carlos and Maria Jose) – they are kind and relaxed.


Lara & Carolyn


We liked Taronja School and the teachers. The activities were nice but at times a bit boring. The weather was really bad. What a shame! The families were nice and the houses and rooms were clean. The food was really good! In general we like Valencia and the week we spent there.

Jenny Brauning, Tina Straud

Valencia seems like a really pretty city… it’s just such a shame that the weather has been so bad! Even though it was raining, we’ve had a great week and learnt loads. In the classes we had long, we had deep, profound discussions. In general you could say that the activities were interesting and with if the weather was better, for sure! In conclusion, the week was a great experience.

Natalia Weber, Carina Pfeifer

First of all we would like to say that the weather wasn’t good, but we still had a great time, especially in school. The teachers were really nice and taught us with good methods. We talked about current affairs and watched a lot of videos. We did a lot of activities such as visiting museums or the city and its monuments together as a group. Our whole time here was really fun. We liked Valencia a lot.

Martine, Luisito, Sherine

The week in Valencia was nice, because we learnt a bit about the Spanish culture. But the weather was horrible; it rained almost every day and so we didn’t really feel up to doing anything and we couldn’t enjoy our trip.

We also didn’t really like that we had classes in the afternoons. But even though the weather wasn’t on our side, we had a great time.

Cardine & Anneli

paella-e-frutti-di-mare   Hey! We’re from the south of Germany and we were in Valencia for a week. Taronja School was really good and we liked the classes. Our teacher were really kind and helped us a lot with our Spanish.

The majority of the activities were great. We went to the beach, to museums, to the Mercado central, and to other interesting places. We also went to some activities at night, such as karaoke, paella, and flamenco.

But unfortunately it rained a lot and it was very cold.

It was great living with a Spanish family and we got to taste typical Spanish food.

Overall the week was a unique adventure!

Lena, Sarah, Lisa, Julia, Lisa, Maya


Hey! We’re from Germany. We were in Valencia for a week. The weather wasn’t good but the families were really nice, as were the activities. Also, the school and the classes were really original and interesting. We had the chance to get to know a new and different culture. In general the week in Valencia was great and one of the best weeks of our lives. We recommend the school.

Lea Mack, Laura, Sophie renner, Mario Ekhmann, Leni Humberg, Fabian Vost

Good morning, we’re students from Germany and we have spent the last week in Valencia. We saw a large part of the city of Valencia. We liked the city but the weather wasn’t good. L To start the week, we went to have paella. So yummy! In our free time we visited the football stadium and the city. We hope that our luggage aren’t going to be too heavy – because the girls used the breaks to go shopping!

The teachers in Taronja are really kind. Now we are more confident. The families were really kind, too. It was a marvellous week. We’ll never forget this week we spent with our friends.

Thanks very much!

Manuel, Timo, Sonja, Franziska valencia

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