Mogu, China

After 3 years, finally I’m here again. A lot of people asked me why I came back, why did I choose the same place with the same people. I came back not only because Chef Nando gave me the biggest present ever but also because of the amazing experience that i had the last time. Like three years ago, the classes and the activities keep being very funny, the teachers keep being very kind and caring ( and handsome), Chef Nando’s plates keep being the best and the bosses the teachers and the fellows keep working every day and night organizing and preparing the activities for the students. Taronja improved a lot it’s facilities and it’s diversity of the activities. I attended for its growth like Taronja attended at my own growth. I always felt this affection at the school. Even if we didn’t speak a lot while i wasn’t here. the teachers remembered my studies, my stories and my teddies. When I came back i felt like nothing changed. Even if I’ll leave on Saturday I already miss you so so so much. It makes me cry only thinking that I have to leave. It has been a long time this I got so emotional. I want to stay here. I only I had more time…. if only I had a house here in Spain…. If only I had a job here …. The last time I came to Valencia, we had the jamón and the queso party at the beach. It was my last night. And tomorrow we’ll have the same party. ¡What a coincidence! Like the moon, the circle closes. ¡ I hope i will come back very soon! Mariajo I will stay at your place the next time ¿ok? ¡Pinky promise! (And also one day at Marion’s place!) ¡Muaaaak to everyone!


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