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Kim, Netherlands

I like Taronja to learn Spanish and meet new people. The classes and activities are greatly fun. However, I would rather like to have the same teacher for two weeks than just one.

Dominik, Germany

Very motivating teachers with excellent teaching skills. In the since individual lessons, i could improve my Spanish competences with lots of good phrases and new vocabulary. In the intensive class, I had a nice learning group and we had fun while learning. Taronja have a good structured material.

Beate, Germany

I enjoyed my visit in Valencia and my Spanish course. We lived in a hotel at the seaside so we were able to relax after the lessons. Thanks for everything.

Rosalind, Wales

Valencia is a beautiful, historic and very interesting city. You can walk through the streets, gardens and parks to see the ancient city and people from all over the world. I took a bus to the beach for €1. 50 and it’s hot at sea. I ate the good food of the region in the cafeterias for little money. Taronja has many activities for students, you can never eat alone. I’m a grandmother and the oldest of the students but it’s not important here. I really liked Valencia and hope to come back next year.

Juliet, Kazakhstan

I really like the Taronja school because every week we have new teachers and new classes that are very good. I also like that on weekends we go to other cities to visit them and relax. I live here without my family and that’s why I have a lot of free time. I’m happy to have chosen this school!

Susanna, Italy

My experience in Valencia and in the school in general has been unique. This is the third time I traveled to Spain to do a Spanish course. I have always felt very good but here I felt at home at school, with my hostess and with the people I spoke to in the city. I will miss Chef Nando’s paella, the skill and spontaneity of the teachers and reception staff, as well as the beauty of Turia Park with its trees, flowers and the relaxing singing of the cicadas, and hopefully I will be back soon!

Bruno, Italy

I am very happy to have chosen the Taronja Spanish school and I believe I will continue in the future as well. The teachers and staff are always very available, pay attention to the students and everything is well organized. In addition to the classes, the school offers many activities every day.

Eugenia, Russia

School Taronja was the best thing that happened to me this summer. Valencia is a beautiful city with delicious food, beautiful streets and wonderful beaches. At school, all the lessons were very interesting. You really learn to speak Spanish.

Christiane, Germany

Taronja was a valuable experience with so many opportunities to speak in the courses, in the cultural activities, in the paella parties…In a short time i learned so much and it seemed like the holidays.

Elena, Germany

I loved my time in Valencia. All of the teachers were really friendly and had a lot of patience. Also, the classes never were boring and i learnt a lot. I had the best time during the activities as well. Valencia is a beautiful city which has tons to offers and therefore the school is located perfectly.

Santos Philomenas, England

Taronja is a great school. The teachers are so nice and the lessons are varied and very interesting.


Taronja is a very nice school. I learned a lot. Antonio and Estefanía are so nice.


Taronja is a great school. The teachers are very nice. I learned so much here.


In general, We enjoyed our time in Valencia. The lessons helped us to improve our Spanish level. The teachers are so funnies and useful to improve our language level. At the end, the lessons were so good. The activities were so interesting and lively. We love Valencia. ¡Thank you so much Taronja!

Renée, Molly, Emma, Danielle

Taronja is a very good school. Our teachers were Estefania and Antonio. Antonio is so funny and beautiful. Estefanía is very nice and is a very good teacher. The lessons in Taronja are so varied and interesting. The building is also so colorful.

Anjali, Ledell, Christabel

Jack, England

I have had a fantastic time here. I learnt lots from the dynamic classes. Found the teachers to be upbeat, enthusiastic and kind. I loved the social activities which were plentiful, well-organized and fun. As well as being a great opportunity to further immerse myself in Valencia. ¡Muchas gracias!