The lessons at Taronja are very interactive and funny!

Group Dulwich

Dulwich The education in this school is very calm and easy to understand. We like that we can go

Clase de cocicna

outside and talk to the people in the streets, so we can practice our spanish in an interactive way. The school is a little bit hidden but altogether very good. The teachers Victor and Guillermo are marvellous and they like our jokes and they are very nice, likeable and they jave the skill to teach admirable.   Names: Joseph, Kingsley Country: England     The lessons are very interactive and the teachers make the lessons very emotional and useful. In some ways the lessons are better than in England, because we talk a lot and I think that talking is the most important thing to improve my spanish. As well the interactivity with people from the street is very useful, because we learn something about the culture of Valencia and we have the opportunity to talk to different people.   Names: Bertie, Rupert Country: England   This week we saw many interesting places. The best of our trip was the journey to the playa beach with bikes. It´s called «Saler» because there are many wind and sun and the journey was really relaxed even though it wasn´t for much time. I was shocked that there are so many beggars. Nevertheless I don´t think that the number of beggars belittle the pelota-de-fútbol beauty of the city. As well I was shocked because the cinema was so full of people even though it was saturday. If you were in London normally it would be empty. Also the size of the Mestalla stadium was very impressive. I would like to play football in this stadium, but just if I had enough skill for football!   Names: Leo y Samuel Country: England     When we came to Valencia we got t know our families and after that we went out. We ate with the families for the first time. Later we had lessons at Taronja. The weather was really good during our holidays. It was very hot, even though the problem was that the heat produced a terrible stench. We want to say thank you to our teachers because they have been nice and likeable. If we can come back next year, we´ll do it.   Names: Lukas, Fergus, Joyce Country: England       George and I arrived at Valencia for the first time and we expected a lot. Nice weather, delicious paella and pretty girls. We were not disappointed. Taronja is a school en el city centre with many bars and the teachers are very likeable. The lessons always have been full of jokes. Valencia is a beautyful city. From the old architecture of the townhall to the Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias, which is really modern and futuristic, the city offers a lot to the people and you can always do something.   Names: George, Pierre-Louis Country: England   Here you can see a little video of one of our trips!

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