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Victoria, Russia

En general, I have liked it very much. The school is good: the classes are very dynamic and fun, the teachers use different and interesting methods, the material used in the classes is a mix of technologies and games (there aren’t boring books and manuals). The school organises Spanish classes as perfectly as it does socio-cultural activities which help students to meet and get to know new friends. I am very content that I have chosen this school, thanks to Taronja I have had an amazing holiday – from the teachers always ready to explain everything to the other foreign students who are as enthusiastic for Spanish as I am. I have had great practice speaking Spanish with those at Taronja and natives, thanks to Taronja I have learnt a lot of colloquial phrases, and I have increased my vocabulary. In the end I want to say it’s a perfect option to learn Spanish and spend a wonderful holiday in Valencia.

Liceum Ogólnokształcące, Poland

Nuestra estancia en Valencia es inolvidable.  Taronja es recomendable y muy moderno. Todos los profesores son joven, acertados y útil. Sabemos mucho mas después de estudiar en Taronja. Pasamos agradablemente tiempo aquí. Salvo estudiar, hemos visitado mucho. Sobre todo antiguo ciudad, oceanográfico o museo de fallas. El mejor día fue cuando pasamos a la playa y tomamos el sol.

Niktoria y Pola

Valencia es muy bonita. Nos gusta Oceanográfic mucho y jardines también. Nuestras familias están son alegres y agradables. Nos encanta la comida que las familias han preparado. Nos gusta la playa pero no fuimos ahí muchas veces. El tiempo no fue bien por que para dos días fue tormenta. A pesar de tiempo nos gusta excursión.

Asia y Paulina

Me gusta mucho la arquitectura de Valencia, yo creo que es muy bonita. Me encanta la escuela Taronja. Hemos estudiado mucho mas que en Polonia. Ahora me gusta Español mucho mas. La clima y cultura son muy interesantes.

Kinga, Kinga y Julia

Creemos que Valencia es muy bonita y antigua. La cuidad es también entretenimiento, porque hay muchos bares y restaurantes. La escuela Taronja es bien organizado y los profesores son tipos y alegres. A nosotros nos encanta la escuela y el experiencia.

Franciszka, Alicja y Mariela

Valencia es muy bonito y interesante. La escuela y los profesores son simpáticos y amables. La casa es acogedor y simpático. La comida es grande, sabroso y abundante. Nos gustaría volver a Valencia en el futuro.

Agata y Kornelia

La ciudad es muy bonita y antiguo. El Carmen es nuestras barrio favorito. Las familias son muy agradable y dulce. ¡Los profesores (especialmente Viktorie) son maravillosa! Las actividades socio-cultural son muy bonitas. Nos gusta la escuela Taronja.

Agata y Magda

Valencia es muy bonita y caliente. Nuestra barrio favorito es el Carmen porque es muy alternativo y artístico. Los Valencianos nos saludan, todos son ayudantes y están alegres. Los profesores de Taronja están muy divertidos. Vamos a salir en Gdansk complacidos y con sonrisa.

Julia, Paulina y Saundra

En cuanto a Valencia es una cuidad muy variada y bonita. De una manera hay unos edificios muy viejos, tradicionales y maravilloso decorativos. Y de otra se puede ver los muy modernos de cristal y metal. Taronja nos enseñó muchísimas cosas, en la mayoría muy útiles que eran utilizables durante esta viaje. ¡Muchas gracias a todos! ¡Vive el chef Nando!

Zuzia y Martie

Valencia es muy bonita, interesante y está llena de monumentos y edificios preciosos. La gente es muy amable y abierta. Nos encantan las clases porque son diferentes y mas interesantes que en nuestra escuela en Polonia. Los profesores son divertidos y muy simpáticos. Todo la escuela nos gusto mucho. Estamos enamoradoras en la ciudad y queremos volver a Valencia en el futuro.

Olga, Isabela, Susana, Paulina y Margarita

St.Philomena, England.

 The atmosphere in the class was very welcoming. We found the classes to be very interactive and benificiant. At the end, we had become a lot more confident in speaking spanish, and what we learnt in the lessons was very relevant to everyday life it was good as we do not learn about these things in our school in England, so learnign about them now was good for us to gain the necessary skill for living in Spain. Overall, we really enjoyed our time here and will miss it very much.

 Rebecca and Sophie

The atmosphere at the school was very welcoming and friendly. During the time we stayed here we learned lots of new vocaboulary. Taronja allowed us to use our knowledge of spanish to comunicate with the valencian people.

Muy experience with Taronja school has been amazing! The athmosphere is so welcoming and enthusiastic. The teachers are so kind and helpful. I think that the teachers here have helped my spanish. Exercise such as asking questions to the public have helped my language skill. Morevore, the breaks that the school give to us, have allowed us to explore the local area and buying chocolate with churros from the local ‘’panaria’’. Over all, I have great time at this school.


 We have visited lots of places such as the market and the old town. We have also learnet about valencian history. The people here are very nice and friendly. They’re also very welcoming. We enjoyed the class!

Gabriella, Maya and Giorgia.

Valencia is a beautiful city and people are welcoming. Our host families are very nice. We enjoy the good and enjoyed learning now to make tortilla. The school’s activities are very fun. They took us to the beach, market and tour of the old town.

Jessica e Olivia.

We found it very benificial for our spanish speaking and confidence as it vastly expanded our vocaboulary. For example, we can now have long conversatition in spanish with little struggle. The teachers and general atmosphere were very welcoming and very helpful whenever we had problems. Overall, the experience was phenominal! We love it and we don’t wanna go back. We would definitely reccomend this trip to other.

Amelia and Adaura

Corinne, Francia

I think Taronja is a very good school. I liked the way to teach. The only one thing I did not like was that I would have prefered to study in a course with higher level. Other students in my class were very nice but sometimes they did not respect the topic of the class. Maybe they had a good level to write or to understand, but they were not so good to speak. They did not speak fluently so it was difficult for me to improve my level. But I recognize that the teachers were great, they tried to improve my experience during courses. They were always available to help us. Also the school offers lots of different activities, which is great. Thanks Taronja !

Stefan, Switzerland.

I wanted to improve my Spanish which was a bit rusty after 30 years that I had learned at the Swiss trade school. In the school Taronja in Valencia I found not only very competent and friendly teachers, but also many students from all over the world. The activities of Taronja were very varied, fun and interesting. In three weeks of course, I had a good time. I am happy to have reactivated my language knowledge here.

Michele, USA.

I love my time at Taronja. The school does a good job of placing you in a class that fits your skill. After ten weeks, I feel very confident in my ability to converse in spanish although fluency is still a long way off. Ten weeks was perfect for learning the basics, including present, future, past, imperfect and other concepts necessary for daily conversations. The professors are amazing, very patient and clear in their explanation of concepts. You will love this school!

Gadda Roselli, Italy.

We really liked our week in Valencia. The lessons were very beautiful. The activities were very funny and talk with people was very funny and we know a lot of people, especially beautiful guys! Everyday we have had free time for going out and visit the city. The activities were very nice and Mariajo is a very beautiful girl and sun understand Italian! Our teachers were very nice and beautiful and we had beautiful lessons, even if for a week. We like everything there. Thanks for all!

Arianna, Rebecca, Sara

We liked so much this school because the activities were very interesting and funny. The teachers were very beautiful, funny and with an open mood! We recomend this experience!

 Carolina, Giorgia, Costanza, Martina.

We liked so much our week in Valencia and the activities were very beautiful.  The teachers were very funny and nice. The school was modern and beautiful and we recommend this for everyone in the world. Thanks for all, see you soon!

Elena, Laura, Elisa, Tommaso and Davide.

I really like the ‘’mascletá’’ and the lessons were very nice, also my friends and the teachers. I loved the beach and the activities that we did, and also I will miss my family of Valencia.

 Sara, Francesca, Irene, Tommaso, Samuele.

I really like the school and the teachers were very funny. Also I love my family of Valencia. We love the beautiful city of Valencia and also the beach, we had a lot of fun. The activities that we did were very organized.

Silvia, Laura, Alice, Sofia, Sara.

Alba is a good teacher and is very nice. We really like the ‘’mascletá’’ and the Oceanographic museum and the ‘’fallas’’. The school is very beautiful and the teachers were very available and nice. The activities with Fernando was very funny. We like also the beach of Valencia where we did an amazing excursion.

Guendalina, Riccardo, Valentina, Alessandra.

We had a great week in Valencia. What we really liked it is the city full of color and passion. The people are very friendly and the food was fantastic and full of flavor. Taronja is a cozy place where you can discover many things, like new words and the new people. P.s. the chef Nando is very nice.

Arianna, Sibilla and Matilde.

We really like Taronja school, the activities that we did and also our teacher were very funny and friendly. We did a lot of things and we loved the excursion at the ‘’paseo maritimo’’. We liked our lessons and we talked a lot in Spanish, to improve it. Our family was very kind. Valencia is a very beautiful city: even if is a little bit a big city, is not a dangerous city, and you can do a lot of things.


We had an amazing week in Valencia but now we are very tired because we made so many activities. During the week we visited the ‘’casco antiguo’’, the centre of the city, and also the ‘’fallero museum’’, and the city of arts and ciences: this is very interesting and were very beautiful. Our family was very cozy and friendly, we talked a lot with them. Taronja school is very beautiful. Our teachers were very nice and sweet. We loved the food, but not some typical dishes. We will never forget this experience! Thanks for all.

Gaia, Giulia and Giorgia.

We really liked this experience: visit the city, monuments and the ‘’mascletá’’. We liked the lessons and the activities that we did. We loved going to the beach and know a new city, its culture and food. We will return here as soon as possible!

Jacopo and Domenico.

We are Italian students and we came in Valencia with our school. Our teachers told us that Taronja school was very beautiful, but when we arrived we saw that it was more than beautiful : wonderful! We visited the ‘’casco antiguo’’, a lot of museum and the city of arts and science. And what we liked most were school, the teachers, but especially our family. The only disadvantage is that we are not used to these ‘’spanish hours.’’ Today is our last day and we are a little sad. so much, but we are very happy because tonight we’re going to eat the ‘’paella.’’ Mariajo we miss you so much, and say hello to Antonio for us.

Lara, Giulia, Sara, Martina.

People are  not very tolerant of foreign students in the city. I had fun with my friends. I liked so much the activities that we did, especially the visit at the ”Fallas museum” and go to the beach. The teachers are very nice. The activities were so much fun compared to what we were doing in Italy. I had a lot of fun in Valencia.

Alessandra, Fabiola, Elisa.

St Catheriene’s School, Inglaterra

Hello, our names are Emily, Izzy, Issey and Anne Claire and we are english students.We are 17 and 18 years old and these classes were perfect for us. The morning classes were the perfect mix of learning and fun, with the opportunity to speak with locals and to ask them about the life in Valencia.Our teachers (Manu and Carmina) taught us that “no te comas el coco” and have a great time.We did not only enjoy our morning classes, but also the activities in the evening for example a visit to the beach and to the central market to improve our spanish.All the people in Taronja family are very nice, cool and great, so we would recommend it to all the ages.Taronja is in the center of Valencia, a city with a lot of history and culture, so it is never boring because there is always something to do.Our most important advices are that you have to try Horchata Fresca, eat as much paella as possible and enjoy all the opportunities available.  Thank you so much and see you soon! Kisses.

Emily, Izzy, Issey and Anne Claire

Hello! We enjoyed it so much our trip to Valencia. The classes were very interesting, funny and useful. In addition, the teachers were very funny and enthusiastic. The part that we liked more was the guided tour in the city because the buildings were ancient and different from the one in England. During the cooking class we enjoyed the jokes of Chef Nando and churros were delicious. So cool! On the other side the rice museum was a bit boring, but anyway we would like to come back to Valencia and eat lots of rice! The location of the school is in the city centre and this is very convenient for exploring the touristic things. The families with which we stayed were nice and the houses very pretty. If we come back to Valencia, we will visit Taronja school another time. We would like to say thank you to all the staff, especially to Carmina and Manu. Great!

Imogen, Francesca, Phoebe y Hattie



Please translate in en_us: THERESA SIEGMUND, ALEMANIA People, students, teachers and receptionists are the best! There is many people in school but they remembered my name fast. The school organize school activities every day like trips and dinners. You can easily have new friends. The teachers are really fun and motivated. The class is small, so I could speak without shyness although  I made mistakes. I will keep doing it. I will come back! Thank you so much.

Grupo Gadda Rosselli, Italy

  Gaia, Luana, Greta, Giorgia: Hello! We are Italians from “Gadda Rosselli”. We went to Valencia for a week and we liked it a lot. First of all because of the funny clases and second because of the activities out of the school. We have visited the old part of the city, the central market, we have cooked a very nice paella and we have made graffiti and also we have danced salsa. The weather wasn’t the best because it rained but we have passed good with the families and our friends. Kabir: The teachers are nice and the clases are funny and interesting. Andreas: We have learned new words and how to improve the language. Paolo: We have learned a lot during the clases in a funny way, laughing a lot. The activities were funny. We have liked it a lot. Alessia: My experience in Taronja School is been very funny. ¡I have liked it a lot! The teachers are really nice and the activities are very interesting. Andrea: I have liked Taronja School a lot because the teachers are nice and the activities were very funny but my favorite activities are the activities where we went ons the street to ask thing at young, Spanish people to improve our learning of the language. Hello! We are Giorgia, Grazana, Marina y Paola and we are Italian students and today we like to tell about our week in Valencia. Our experience was very positive and useful to improve our Spanish. We did a lot of activities and as well we participated with the clases where they kept asking questions so we were always speaking in Spanish. Our families are lovely and friendly. During dinner they asked about our lives in Italy, the habits and what we want to do when we get older. the food was very tasty and delicious. With the school we made typical dishes like: tapas, paella, Fideua an gazpacho. One night we had salsa clases and that was the perfect ending for this beautiful experience. Sara: I have liked Valencia because it’s an active city although the weather didn’t help. Alexia: Valencia is a pleasing and interesting city split in two parts: the old part which is very tradicional and where you can eat something typical and the new part which is very modern and where we can go for shopping. Matteo: I have liked the salsa lesson and the tapas. Laura: Valencia is a city that i’ve loved a lot and it’s a city where you can party. I’ve seen San Vicente and I’ve liked it a lot and it went really well. Véronica: I’ve liked Valencia very much  because it’s and interesting city and also lovely. I’ve liked the monuments and the old part of the city. Hello! We are an Italian group with students of the school “Gadda Rosselló” and we can say that our experience in Taronja School and in Valencia was wonderful and full of interesting and fantastic activities. The teachers from the school were young and friendly and they showed us the beauty of the city of Valencia. The families were available and welcoming and made us thankful for the Spanish food. Sure we will come back to Valencia! Hello! This week has been wonderful. We visited a lot of interesting places like: the North station which was very original, the church of San Nicolas which was awesome, the central market which was very different in comparison with other markets, the fish market which was very big and in general the city of Valencia what us left with our mouth open. Also a thank you to the friendly people. We did very funny activities like how to make graffiti, asking to people about the city and its traditions, making up a country, dancing salsa, having a cooking class, doing group games and a lot more also a thank you to the teachers. In conclusion we can say that this week has  been unforgettable. This week has been wonderful, funny and it made us improve our Spanish. The teachers have been very friendly and the clases interesting because the temes we discussed about have been attractive, the school is original and colorful which we have liked a lot.  The activity we liked the most has been the one with the graffiti because it’s something for youth. During some projects we had to speak with people from the street: most of the people, in particular young people have been very friendly and able to help us while some older people have been angry and nervous. With the weather we haven’t had luck: it rained the first few days so that’s why we couldn’t enjoy the city at its fullest. In conclusion the trip to Valencia has been special and we would like to do it another time: we recommend it to who wants to have fun and learn the language.

Stedelijk Gymnasium Breda, HOLLAND

Hello, we’re a group of spanish students from Holland. This week we have been to Valencia at the Taronja School. We have visited many museums, such as the Oceanographic, the museum of Arts and we have been to other places too, like the beach and the Central Market. We have been hosted by spanish families. Besides we have been to shops and we have loved El Corte Inglés especially. We’ve had lesson with two really good teachers, and we have learned a lot. We can’t wait to come back to this amazing city!

Vera, Holanda

I like Taronja School a lot. 2 weeks ago I found myself with teachers that are very friendly, enthusiastic, energetic, kind and always help. They never ask for more. I also like the activities. They are fun, different and there is something for everyone . I am 44 years old, but this wasn´t a problem. The classes are small, the atmosphere was great and not all of the students are 20-25 years old. I heard that Taronja is not in other cities. Studying with Taronja and living in a city like Valencia is a great way to get to know the Spanish life, the city, an Spanish naturally. It was a great experience and I recommend it to everyone!