Ariella Verheul

Two weeks ago I came to Valencia to learn Spanish and to prepare the DELE B1 exam. Before coming to Valencia I made a level test and I spoke with Marta about my level. She corrected my test and she told me that B1 was more suitable to me, but she told me I couldn’t have these level classes. So I had two options. The first one was to get private classes for 2.5 hours a day. On the contrary, I could have had classes with the students with B2 level. I chose this last option and I had class with Carlos and his students. The first day I wasn’t very happy. It looked like that every student had a higher level compared to me and I didn’t understand any auditory exercise. But after some days I noticed that I improved in a few time. Since last Monday I love classes. I learnt a lot and I met lots of kind people, like Gabriella, who encouraged me to go to «Paella Party», or Libby, an English girl, and Clemente, Suwan and others. Taronja is a very accessible school and the teachers are very professional. Thanks to Carlos, I learnt the language very fast and Carlos created a safe and funny atmosphere for his students. He even has a lot of patience! After two weeks in Valencia I know that «taronja» means «orange» in Valencian dialect, I even know that «estar orgulloso» has a different meaning compared to «ser orgulloso» and I can’t say «parada» when I see a ride, and many things more. Now I’ll study for another week, but  I won’t have any class. Next Friday I have to do the exam. Carlos assured me that when I stay calm everything goes better! I hope to succeed with the exam! Thanks to everyone for these funny weeks.

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