Adela, profesora de Taronja

Adela, professor at Taronja School

My name is Adela and I am the longest-serving teacher at the Spanish school. I’m Valencian and passionate about my country, its cuisine, its landscapes, its traditions, etc. As a child I loved to read and write stories and as I grew older I decided to be a specialist in Spanish language and literature and so I studied Spanish Philology. In my time as a Spanish teacher I have learned to enjoy my profession. To teach others and help them on their path of learning is a task full of enriching and unforgettable moments. Another of my greatest passions are cats and I can assure you that my cats, Batman and Sultan, are unique in their kind. They are Persian cats and I have to brush their fur to be shiny every day. I do not do any sports but I’m going to Flamenco classes to stay in shape, to learn to coordinate the whole body and disconnect me from the world. Well, a big salute and hopefully see you very soon!

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