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Elodie, Swiss

I never imagined that i would learn so many things just in a month. Every time that i came in a school language, that was a fabulous experience. I´ve met here so many fabulous peoples and it seems like home to me since the day I arrived in Valencia.  

Sabrina, Italy

My experience in Taronja school has been so good. The teachers have such availability for the students and the lessons are so fun. That´s an ideal and perfect place to learn and improve Spanish.  

Michaela, Austria

Looking for a Spanish school in Valencia, I first chose Taronja for is location in the city center and for the funny pictures of all the team. Also, the email contacts were a positive surprise. Every question was answered immediately and kindly. Arriving at the school was also a very nice experience : a warm welcome to everybody and a good introduction to the city and the schedule of the school. The beginning of the classes,the way to teach, the lovely teachers and staff make it easy and fun to learn Spanish and lose fear to speak in a new language. Last but not least, the offers for social events are great and i loved to share that experience with people between 18 and 70 years from all over the world. I´d recommend everybody who wants to learn Spanish at all levels to do that in Taronja. 🙂

Flora, Italy

I´m so happy about my experience in Valencia and in the school. Everybody in the school is so nice and prepared. I wish, in the future, that could come back for more Spanish lessons. I loved the week activities which were very interesting too. The teachers are so goods.

Suzanne, Senegal

My experience in Valencia is very rich. I have had two weeks in the school, but i gained a lot of knowledge. The teachers have an good teaching method and the material used is adequate. That´s why i thank all the teachers and the team for the work done. May God bless you and give you a lot of courage to pursue your great work. Thank you so much.

Breda, Netherlands

I had a really awesome week and I think I learned a lot of new things. I had a very friendly family that cared well for us. I also think that the classes were useful. In my opinion, the best part of the week were the activities. I enjoyed the Oceanográfico and the big churches of the city a lot. Thank you for everything!


This week was very cool. I liked everything, but what I liked the most was the Oceanográfico. The classes were really nice, I learned a lot of Spanish. I’d recommend it!


We learned a lot and had a good time with the teachers. We liked the activities outside of school a lot, especially the Oceanográfico. The families were very friendly and took good care of us. It was a nice experience and we want to come back one day.

Ties, Fee, Laurens

It was the first time we ate Paella and we loved it! It was also the first time we drank Horchata. Taronja was a good experience and we liked it.

Tim, Joey, Tobias

Lycée Georges Brassens, Francia

Nuestra experiencia en Valencia fue muy provechoso, la gente es muy acogedor. La escuela Taronja es una escuela muy original, los cursos son muy divertidos, nuestro vocabulario ha mejorado. Nos gustaron mucho las Fallas, el ambiente era muy bonito y las tradiciones también. Gracias por esta experiencia en Valencia.

Emma, Ophélie

La semana aquí en la escuela fue muy interesante y divertida. Tiene un buen método para enseñar nuevas cosas. La ambientación en la escuela es acogedora, los profesores son my simpáticos y amables también. Valencia es una ciudad muy bonita y activa.

Aymerie, Véronique

La experiencia en la escuela fue muy bonita. Valencia nos gustó mucho y aprendimos muchas cosas. Los profesores fueron muy simpáticos. El método de enseñanza es diferente de nuestra isla, pero muy bueno. Fue una buena experiencia aprender en esta escuela. ¡Gracias por todo!

Léa, Jennifer

La escuela y los profesores son muy buenos. La enseñanza es diferente de la Isla de la Reunión pero también muy interesante. Los profesores explican bien y son muy amables. La ciudad es muy grande y bonita.

Emilie, Bérénice

City of London, Inglaterra

Me ha gustado mucho el uso de electrónica en las clases porque las hizo muy divertidas. Las actividades en general fueron interesantes, el partido de fútbol entre los estudiantes fue muy divertido. Mi familia era muy amable y servicial también.


Nos ha gustado Valencia porque hay tanto que hacer, como por ejemplo ir al Mercado Central o al Oceanográfico. Las clases fueron muy interesantes y divertidas y hemos aprendido mucho.

Sam, Tomos, Philip

La mayoría de las clases fueron muy, muy buenas y bien preparados. En general una experiencia muy buena y sin duda lo recomendaría a un amigo.

Estudiante del grupo


Montale, Italy

This week was a good week. The teachers are very friendly and patient. In Valencia we saw a lot of monuments, for example the historic city center. We did a lot of activities like a game in the Mercado Central, we watched how a Paella is made, etc. During the lessons we went on the street to ask the Spanish questions about Spain. The best day was when we went to the Oceanográfico. It was a great experience, we would do it again!

Sara, Francesca, Sabrina

Our experience was good. We saw a lot of things, for example the Oceanográfico, the Museo Fallero, the beach, the Mercado Central, the historic city center, how Paella, Papas Bravas and Sangría are made. We liked the Oceanográfico and the Museo de las Ciencias. The beach day was a lot of fun. We would like to do it again.

Alessia, Martina, Giulia

This week we went with the school to Valencia to study Spanish. During this week we visited the Oceanográfico de Valencia and saw the dolphin show. We went to the center of Valencia and visited Mercado Central, we think it’s really cool! We ate Paella together and it was very good. It was a spectacular experience!

Dilene & Federica

We visited a lot of interesting things: the Mercado Central, the Casco Antiguo, the Torres de Serrano, the modern part of the city and the Museo Fallero. These monuments are very impressive and beautiful. This experience was a lot of fun.

Alice & Sara

Wagrau, Austria

The school is modern and the teachers are really nice. The lessons are really diverse. Moreover, Valencia is an amazing city and all the monuments are really interesting.

Jubilee, Anna, Raphaela, Vanessa, Bastian

We liked Carmina and Jordi because they’re really cool and funny.  Taronja is a school modern and full of colors and Valencia is an interesting and beautiful city. We learnt a lot and we’re now able to speak better than before. Moreover, we learnt a lot about rice 🙂

Michi, Beli, Kathi, Calga, Mili

We liked working in groups and we spoke a lot. We also enjoyed the different activities from the school. The teachers are really nice and we recommend the school to others students.

Beate, Paola, Lukas, Niklas, Richard

Alex really enjoyed speaking to people in the street. The teachers are really nice and we liked the lessons (especially games and working  in group). Finally we recommend to take lessons because it’s a good way to learn and to speak Spanish.

Vanessa, Alex, Alina, Judith, Carolina

St Catherine’s, United Kingdom

Valencia is a really beautiful city and there are lots of things to do. It was an incredible experience and if we had the opportunity, we would like to come back in the future. All the activities were really interesting and we learnt a lot about the history and the culture of Valencians. The teachers and chief Nando are really cool ! Our families were really friendly and close to the school. Thanks Taronja !

Darcie, Eva, Trinity, Sacha, Emily

Claudia, Alemania

Desde el principio (inscripción, primeras preguntas..) el equipo administrativo de Taronja estuvo cordialmente a mi disposición y me ayudaba con cualquier pregunta o ruego. Con mucho entusiasmo, humor, paciencia y buena formación, los profesores y los jefes de Taronja se esfuerzan por dar una enseñanza apropiada a cada uno de los alumnos de países, culturas y edades muy diferentes. El uso de métodos bien pensados, un montón de material y nuevas tecnologías facilitan el éxito individual. La localización de la escuela en medio de la ciudad es ideal y el ambiente de las clases y de las salas comunes es acogedor, con un aspecto muy creativo. Yo pude disfrutar de mi estancia en Valencia también gracias a la organización, que me ofreció un alojamiento muy agradable y muy cerca de la escuela. Además, disfruté de la posibilidad de ir a clases de arte en una buena escuela de arte de Valencia. Mis gracias al equipo de Taronja y me gustaría volver.