Daria Kazakova, alumna agosto 2012

Daria Kazakova, student august 2012

I have studied Spanish for 2 month in Moscow before I decided to travel to Valencia and go to Taronja School. The big city, the sea and the language…I believe it was the right decision. I have a 2 week Spanish course. In the first week I was in class only with Italians. Nevertheless the professors explain everything. The professors are always very kind and helpful and at that point I want to mention and thank Sarah, Ana and Adela here.

Doubtless the male professors are very handsome. Ladies, be careful! And now I want to say that I want to come back to Valencia. Two weeks are not enough for this city. My favorite thing here is the ‘instituto de arte modern’ (IVAM). I am interested in modern art. I admire the exhibition of Sean Seully. His painting are very famous in Rusia. Today is my last day en Valencia and I am very sad. I hope I can come back next summer because I will miss it. I will cry heavily on the plane.

 Lots of kisses, Kazakova Daria.

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