Taronja School: Experience in Valencia

On Sunday we arrived in Valencia. Then we met the families. Our mother’s name is Mary. She is a very kind, friendly and communicative person. There is plenty of food and therefore we are never hungry. Since Monday we have to go to Spanish classes which last four hours. We also went to the beach, the Old Town, the Central Market, the Miguelete and shopping. The Paella we ate at the Spanish School and restaurants was very good. On Wednesday we visited ‘The City of Arts and Sciences’. The Science Museum is very impressive. We loved the beach and the Old Town. In the afternoon we went to the beach for a picnic with our girls. It was a blast. On Thursday we visited the Old Town. First we went to the Town Hall Square. After that we ate Chocolate con Churros which we like very much. Then we saw the Cathedral and its doors. We also saw the figures of the Silk Exchange Building and had to laugh. In the afternoon we went shopping. On Friday we visited the Oceanografic. It is very interesting and wonderful. The animals are very affectionate. We saw a dolphin show which was fun.

Lisa and Joana

————————————————————————–   After arriving we met our Spanish mothers. In the afternoon we saw the Old City with the Spanish teachers. On Monday morning we played at the beach, which was very nice. As every day we, went to school in the afternoon. After Spanish class, we met in front of the school, to go to a restaurant, where we ate a very good Paella. The next day we visited the big market with its variety of colors and scents. In the afternoon we had a Spanish cooking course with «The Great Chef Nando», where we learned how to cook Seafood Paella, Patatas Bravas with Allioli and Sangría. On Wednesday we went with Marta to the ‘The City of Arts and Sciences’, visiting the Science Museum ‘Prince Felipe’. The next day we went to the Old Town, and saw the Silk Exchange Building, with its odd facade. Before we had visited the Town Hall Square and the Building of Communication. It was a pity that we visited the Bullfighting Museum, because we did not like it that much. At Taronja School we are listening to Austrian songs like «Der Komissar» by Falco and «I am from Austria» by Reinhard Fendrich. On Friday we visited the Oceanografic at ‘The City of Arts and Sciences’. Here we saw belugas, jellyfish, sharks and other fish. The dolphin show was very impressive and we liked it a lot. Then we went to our last Spanish class and now we are writing the blog entry.

Lea and Esther Hornstein Knauder

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