Valencia, a beautiful city! (Keynes Group)


Hi everyone!

We are a group of 7 people that spent a wonderful week at Taronja, the most beautiful school in Valenia. we have learnt a lot of new things thanks to the fun activities and also thanks to the nice and available professors.

Some Valencian families took us in, and none of us would complain! Thanks to them we learned some of the costumes most used in Spain.

From Monday until Friday we visited the entire city: the old centre and the modern city, some museums like the tourism museum, fallero museum which we like a lot, where you see a passion which is growing in popularity every year. A big thanks to everyone who made this week possible! We want to return and repeat this experience. Thank you! Holaaa! Kisses

Rossana Omodei, Maria Denice, Llaria Giacon

Hi Taronja!SAM_574101blog

We are italian people who stayed in Valencia for one week. We learnt a lot of spanish costumes and we visited the city in different places. We liked the Oceanografico and the cooking class of Fernando, where we learnt to make seafood paella. The only negative thing was the Flamenco night because we wanted to see a girl dance instead of a guy. We would like to return here.

Till soon!

Greta, Miriana, Clara and Daviole

Valencia is a very beautiful city, people are very open and friendly, especially the family we stayed at. There are a lot of shops and restaurants, a lot of things to visit. For example: the fallero museum, oceanografic, casco antiguo, mercado central. After having cooked with Fernando (very nice!) tuesday, we went to eat paella but the place was not very nice, the paella was though! It was amazing. The food for us is very good. The professors are very open, friendly and nice (good looking as well). We would like to return to Valencia.

Miriam Sadi, Marta Taravgno

Very nice, full of color and good! (Taronja)

Valencia is a very beautiful city and with a lot of colors. I liked it a lot; the family is very good and hospitable. The food was very good as well! I liked the Flamenco a lot!

Francesca Graziosi and Natalia Kostiuk

Valencia is perfect! What I liked the most was Oceanografico and the family I lived with. I would like to return some time. The school is very beautiful and creative! I like the way they teach and so did Francesca. The people are very sympathetic and nice. The food and the drinks that we tried were the paella (was very good) and sangria (also good). But the thing that I don’t like is the bull fight! Thanks for everything.

Natalia and Francesca

Valencia is a very beautiful city because it has a lot of interesting places like: the Oceanografico, the modern city, the fallero museum and all the squares that we liked a lot. We ate paella for the first time and we loved it. The school is very fun because it has a lot of colors. The professors are fun and sympathetic but most of all nice! We learnt a lot of words and the activities were fun. The families were open and supportive. We would like to meet again in Valencia! -Ferederica

The museum taurino has been disgusting because we didn’t like the killing!

Francesca Losito, Federica Porro

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