Víctor Manuel

Víctor, profesor de Taronja

Víctor, professor at Taronja

I’m Víctor, although my full name is Víctor Manuel, what a long name, right? Well, I’m just named like that because my parents liked the singer Víctor Manuel. What would have happened if I had been a girl? Well, my parents had a plan B, which was to name her like his wife Ana Belén, who is also a singer. My Spanish Philology studies ended in 2009 and since 2011 I work at Taronja School, so I’m the youngest professor at the Spanish school. I enjoy being a Spanish teacher because every day I learn new things and meet people with different nationalities. As for my hobbies, I like going to the cinema, the beach, soccer, and I am devoted to Deportivo Coruña (soccer team) thanks to Bebeto. And above all, I love Formula 1, I do never miss a race, at whatever time it is. The problem is that none of my colleagues understands F1 and so I can not share my impresiones with them, but I have hope that Carlos and Sergio may reconsider. A hug to all my colleagues and students!

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