My third month in Valencia

I went to Valencia to learn the language and to know a little bit more the Spanish culture. During my lessons in the Taronja school, I discovered many new things and I had friendly school mates. I walked a lot in the historic centre and since I made a turistic tour with a school guide I know the words «murcielago», «gángolas» and others. The other day I climbed the Micalet Tower and Serrano Towers and I saw two great views. Since it was 12pm when I climbed the Micalet Tower, the bell started to ring. What a noise!

I walked a lot in the Park too and through the Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias, and there I drank the «horchata» for the first time in my life. I visited the Science Museum and I passed 4 hours there, but it was worth it. I tried many experiments with the light, the electricity and the body. Since I made the visit I know the words «hormigas» and «pollitos». I went to the «Paella Party», to the «Bodega fila» and to the «Ubik Café» with my school mates and I lived the typical Spanish life, I tried the food and the drinks and now I know the difference among the Valencian Paella and the others. I went to the beach many times because the weather in Valencia was very good, it didn’t rain and the sea is clean and warm. Since I live with a Spanish family I know how people live, I know the traditions and especially the food. I know how to say the most important words , like «herempena», «merluza», «horno» and also what to say when someone close to a person died. Today, Friday, I’m going to go to the «Salsa Night» and this Saturday to the «Bicycle Route» and I think they’ll be great too. My time in Spain has passed so fast, but it was amazing. Maybe I got lucky with my Spanish family, with the school and the mates, I don’t know, but I think that people in Valencia are very open, cheerful and sociable (Spanish people speak a lot and all at the same time, it doesn’t matter where: at the restaurant, at the bar, in the bus or in the metro). I think I have to come back to Valencia to know better and more the Spanish culture, that I loved. carrilbici-580x430

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