« «Hi, my names’Jess, I’m from Berlin»   these were almost the only words I could say on my first day in Taronja school.            After four weeks I can write this text. I know it’s not «world’s literature» , but it’s a pleasure that I can share this thoughts with other people. I liked a lot the teachers, very simpathetic, and the atmosphere a little bit crazy. Furthermore the program after the regular classes was varied and funny.                 In my first month in Valencia I learned a lot about Valencia’s people, very opened and lovely, I ate the typical food like  Paella and Gazpacho and I enjoyed the good weather/hot. But the best thing is the beach. Valencia is a city with everything (history, nature and shopping opportunities, relax and parties). Of course! There are things I miss, for example the cereal bread or drinking directly from de tap. But they’re only two things compared to all the good things. So: don’t shout! I’m going to stay other 5 months in Valencia ( the beautiful city of «the arts and sciences»). I’m curious about the things that will happen.

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