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Inés, Swiss

I really liked my experience here. The courses are interesting and I learned a lot because we are small groups. Teachers are open and motivated. The activities were good. Thank you!

Susanna, Italy

My experience in Valencia and in the school in general has been unique. This is the third time I traveled to Spain to do a Spanish course. I have always felt very good but here I felt at home at school, with my hostess and with the people I spoke to in the city. I will miss Chef Nando’s paella, the skill and spontaneity of the teachers and reception staff, as well as the beauty of Turia Park with its trees, flowers and the relaxing singing of the cicadas, and hopefully I will be back soon!

Catherine, United Kingdom

I love Taronja school. Thank you to, and for, all. All the teachers are so intelligent, they have so many abilities and funny personalities. The activities are phenomenal. For example the Learning road «Pasea y Aprende» and the Club Dile. Moreover, thank to Luís, Pablo, Victoria and Sonia (and to Julio Cartázar). Obviously, I needed help there were Alba, Marisa, Alicia, Antonio, Borja, Desiré and more that we´re here to help me and which were so generous with their qualities and their time. I think that the teachers believe and love theirs good lessons and that they try to give their best every day too. I enjoyed it and I will miss everything here… I have learned so much. Many kisses. I will always have a little orange (and a bat) always in my heart.

Liesbeth, Netherlands

I have had a fantastic week in Valencia. That´s a beautiful city. The first day in Taronja was so emotional for me. I didn´t know anybody but my classmates and the teachers were so helpful and friendly. with my 57 years old i was the oldest but that wasn´t a problem. There is so much activities extra-cultural too, and there were so goods.  I learned so much here. That´s why i can recommend for sure the school Taronja.  

Sam, England

I loved it so much. The employees are so friendly and attentive. I loved the «Pasea y aprende» activity to learn a little more about the city and the Spanish.  

Nooderpoort, Netherlands

I really like it there : Beautiful people, nice sun and cool workshops. It was a good experience.


It was a really nice time with nice people.


Our overall experience in Valencia was amazing. Our host families are the nicest and are very kind. They are like our second mother and father. We also had a very diversified schedule with free time where we could explorer the city. The workshops were very varied and educational. The local people are vey kind and this is a perfect city to shop and we love our teacher Antonio.

Evelien, Serena and Olinka

We has an amazing experience in Valencia. The Taronja teachers were great. The classes were fun and we learned a lot. The host family were AMAZING! They took good care of us and treated us as their own. The activities/workshops were a lot of fun with lots of variety to please everyone. It has been great!

Dorien, Sabine and Priscilla

We enjoyed the classes very much. It was nice that we were divided into smaller groups. The vibe was always good. Valencia is a beautiful city and this all felt like a holiday. The families were all so kind to us and made us feel welcome.

Roos, Pien and Leonie

Indah, Switzerland

the first time i came to Valencia, i directly fell in love with the city. the city has many differences like the modern architecture, the old buildings, a good culture, a lot of entertainment and beaches. Because of that, i decided for the next visit that i want to stay a bit longer and learn Spanish. This language isn´t after Chinese and English. My hobby is traveling so i want to travel to countries which speak Spanish. I found by internet the Spanish school in Valencia name Taronja school.  Which i read that many older people also study in this school (I´m 69 years old 🙂 ) So i came with my husband and registered for 6 weeks. i´m happy that i chose the right school! The person in the administration are very helpful and the teachers are very good to explain the grammar and teach me how to pronounce the words. For my age, it´s a bit hard to learn again but i believe that one day, i will be able to speak Spanish fluently. Always onward never retreats (Siempre adelante nunca retroceden). Many thanks and love! <3

Michaela, Austria

Looking for a Spanish school in Valencia, I first chose Taronja for is location in the city center and for the funny pictures of all the team. Also, the email contacts were a positive surprise. Every question was answered immediately and kindly. Arriving at the school was also a very nice experience : a warm welcome to everybody and a good introduction to the city and the schedule of the school. The beginning of the classes,the way to teach, the lovely teachers and staff make it easy and fun to learn Spanish and lose fear to speak in a new language. Last but not least, the offers for social events are great and i loved to share that experience with people between 18 and 70 years from all over the world. I´d recommend everybody who wants to learn Spanish at all levels to do that in Taronja. 🙂

Sara, Germany

My stay in Valencia was phenomenal. Valencia is a wonderful city because it isn´t too big and you have all you need there like : The beach, The Turia Park, streets with beautiful buildings and, of course, the very rich food. The bars and nightclubs was also very cool to drink and dance all night long. I loved the Spanish courses in Taronja. The lessons were so funnies and I loved coming into the school every day. I think that i have improved my Spanish level. Besides, i don´t know a school with so many social and cultural activities. That was so funny. I´m so happy that i have chosen Taronja for my Spanish lessons. Here, I have known so many nice people and I have met new friends from all over the world. So thank you so much to the Taronja team for everything. 🙂

Concha, Senegal

Taronja is my second home in Valencia with my teachers so funny . Desiré, Jordi, Alicia, Sonia, Florencia, Josevi, Borja, Alba, Andrea, Andres, Carmina, Sergio, Antonio and studies chief Jenny. Thank to all of you who have contributed to my knowledge of the Spanish language. I had such a wonderful time with each of you. I´m so happy with everything i have learned. If there were flights to study Spanish, i would always choose Taronja. I have all the essentials to teach grammar at an elemental level. I ask God to bless you. In my prayers, i will never forget to pray for you. Thank you.

Suzanne, Senegal

My experience in Valencia is very rich. I have had two weeks in the school, but i gained a lot of knowledge. The teachers have an good teaching method and the material used is adequate. That´s why i thank all the teachers and the team for the work done. May God bless you and give you a lot of courage to pursue your great work. Thank you so much.