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Torben, Alemania

It has been a great week

Valencia is an awesome city and I can only recommend TARONJA to everyone .

It was well organized and we had a lot of fun during our classes.

Thanks Taronja!

Bettina, Alemania

A lot of very nice teachers: The classes go very fast. You can’t talk a lot during the classes which is a bit of a shame: The activities of the school are a great idea. the cooking class was very fun! It is good that they offer activities in the weekend.

Régis, France

I knew Valencia and I like the city very much. This is the fourth time I’ve been here. My experience in school was very good. I don’t think a week is enough, but I didn’t have any more time. I found teachers with great qualities! Many thanks to Marina, Alvaro who are excellent teachers in my opinion. Next year, I hope to come back in a Taronja and this time, I’ll stay for two weeks. Everyone at this school is very nice. I also met many people who came from different countries. I recommend Taronja to everyone who wants to improve their Spanish skills. I already miss this school before I leave already. However, I will continue to learn Spanish because I love Spain.

Beate, Germany

I enjoyed my visit in Valencia and my Spanish course. We lived in a hotel at the seaside so we were able to relax after the lessons. Thanks for everything.

Opole, Poland

Our education at Taronja School and the time we spend here has been wonderful. Antonio is the best Spanish teacher! The school environment has given us a lot of energy and motivation to learn more and more. We hope that we will come back here again in the future when we will be older to enjoy the holidays and meet new people.

Ola, Aga, Vero, Julia

Our stay in Valencia was too short to be able to visit such a big city full of many interesting things. Thanks to the excursions with Taronja, we could get to know her a bit and now we want to come back here to see more because we love the atmosphere. It´s a very beautiful and unforgettable place. Antonio is the best.

Blanka, Magda, Hanna, Marta

We were in Valencia for a week and it was fantastic. The families are very kind and friendly. They’ve treated us like their own children. The school is very innovative. Teachers are creative and fun. They’re always smiling. Valencia has a very Spanish atmosphere. The orange trees are impressive. Our memories and knowledge will stay with us forever. We’ll probably be back here.

Zuzia, Natalia, Marcin, Zuzia

We really liked the time here. The classes were really fun. We couldn’t get bored like other classes. In general, we had a great time. The teachers were very nice and always helped us when we needed them. During the classes, we spoke a lot and so we had the opportunity to develop the Spanish language. We are very happy since we arrived here and we thank you for your work and greet Alba and Sonia!

Justina, Julia, Karrolina

We had a blast. Antonio is so cool! The classes were very fun and interesting. During Taronja’s activities we were not bored at all. How bad that we have only been there for a week…we have to go back!

Aleliseholne, Miguel, Gespav

We spent a week here in Valencia and we really liked it. Not only the classes but also the activities. The teachers were super-kind and patient. We got to know the Spanish culture and customs.

Marta, Helena, Julia, Maja

The classes were very useful to know something about Valencia and the Spanish language. The teachers were very nice to everyone. The lessons were also very fun and happy. From our point of view, it´s a recommended school.

Kuba y Mateo

We really liked this school with the cool teachers. 10/10 super and cool. The paella was really good with Chef Nando!

Berna, Jan, Mateus

The experience was good. We’ve had a good time. The teachers are very nice.

Powel y Olek

Martine, Netherlands

Totally Crazy! 🙂 Agreeable teachers, trainees and all the employees! Really laughing out loud every days! Optimistic! Nando, the best Chief in Valencia! Joviality! At the end, learning Spanish, In a good atmosphere and with fun activities! ¡¡ THANK YOU for the two weeks so nice and instructive!!

Sabrina, Italy

My experience in Taronja school has been so good. The teachers have such availability for the students and the lessons are so fun. That´s an ideal and perfect place to learn and improve Spanish.  

Maximilian, Germany

I have been in Valencia for four weeks. It´s a really beautiful city with  lots of bars, restaurants and cafes. Also the old town, Ruzafa and the beach are well worth the visit. In those four weeks, i´ve learned a lot of Spanish. the teachers at Taronja school are great and they teach you a lot in a helpful and fun way. Thank you for the past four weeks!

Indah, Switzerland

the first time i came to Valencia, i directly fell in love with the city. the city has many differences like the modern architecture, the old buildings, a good culture, a lot of entertainment and beaches. Because of that, i decided for the next visit that i want to stay a bit longer and learn Spanish. This language isn´t after Chinese and English. My hobby is traveling so i want to travel to countries which speak Spanish. I found by internet the Spanish school in Valencia name Taronja school.  Which i read that many older people also study in this school (I´m 69 years old 🙂 ) So i came with my husband and registered for 6 weeks. i´m happy that i chose the right school! The person in the administration are very helpful and the teachers are very good to explain the grammar and teach me how to pronounce the words. For my age, it´s a bit hard to learn again but i believe that one day, i will be able to speak Spanish fluently. Always onward never retreats (Siempre adelante nunca retroceden). Many thanks and love! <3

Brian, Australia

I very much appreciate the assistance given by the front office staff witch was understanding and patient. Although a very beginner, the professors made me feel welcome and were extremely helpful. All in all, my experience at Taronja has been both rewarding and unforgettable. I hope to return.

Marie-Chantal, Swiss

We loved our stay of three weeks in Valencia and in the Taronja school. As for the teachers, they are so qualified for teaching the courses. The administration department is so well-organized and nice. We will come back without any doubts.

Flora, Italy

I´m so happy about my experience in Valencia and in the school. Everybody in the school is so nice and prepared. I wish, in the future, that could come back for more Spanish lessons. I loved the week activities which were very interesting too. The teachers are so goods.