Indah, Switzerland

the first time i came to Valencia, i directly fell in love with the city. the city has many differences like the modern architecture, the old buildings, a good culture, a lot of entertainment and beaches. Because of that, i decided for the next visit that i want to stay a bit longer and learn Spanish. This language isn´t after Chinese and English. My hobby is traveling so i want to travel to countries which speak Spanish. I found by internet the Spanish school in Valencia name Taronja school.  Which i read that many older people also study in this school (I´m 69 years old 🙂 ) So i came with my husband and registered for 6 weeks. i´m happy that i chose the right school! The person in the administration are very helpful and the teachers are very good to explain the grammar and teach me how to pronounce the words. For my age, it´s a bit hard to learn again but i believe that one day, i will be able to speak Spanish fluently. Always onward never retreats (Siempre adelante nunca retroceden). Many thanks and love! <3

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