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Charlotte, France

Taronja is a really good school and I learnt a lot of things in only 5 days here. The teachers are very dynamic and made me really want to speak Spanish in class. It was my first time in a language school and I liked the experience a lot. The activities were really fun and allowed us to get to know a lot of people from all over the world and enjoy practising our Spanish together. Maybe I will return in a few years!

Hufragel, Austria

I like the school Taronja a lot. Everything is great. I have studied a lot and after a week I am capable of speaking a bit. I chose Taronja owing to comments on the internet and it was the right choice. Everything was perfect. The organisation, the information  and last but not least the staff. Everyone was very friendly, and helpful with any kind of information. The teachers did a very good job even if the methods (only one) could be adapted. Also the activities proposed by the school are very nice and help you get to know other participants and to practice the language. The accomodation was perfect! So I will come again and definitely recommend Taronja!

Philipp, Alemania

Taronja no solo esta familiar sino que familia – reuniendo tambien. Después 25 años de búsqueda he encontrado a mi hermano Borja … ¡Finalmente! Además , gracias a Josevi he aprendido hablar – especialmente con un a boli entre mis dientes. Muchas gracias a todos por dos semanas de aprendizaje de cultura, de disponibilidad para ayudar, de cordialidad y de alegría. Me gustó mucho.

SAAS Marina, Russia

I like Taronja school a lot! I like everything! I want to return here.

Daniel and Egar

For me, I like the teachers and the school a lot, it’s very fun. Holidays are really cool!


I like the teachers, the family in which I live, the activities, the city.


Gadda Rosselli, Italy

It was the best experience posible and we liked everything! The teachers are very fun! It was the secodn time that we have been here and we can confirm the school is marvelous. The activities were interesting and kahoot was an exceptional discovery!

Asia and Chiara

We have liked this experience a lot because the teachers have been very friendly and helpful and the clases interesting, fun and useful. The activities have also been dynamic because they are different to those in Italy. The school is very modern and technological and thus the work is very easy and fun.

Frederica, Emma, Arianna and Martina

Taronja is a very cool school and we recommend to everyone to participate in these courses. The teachers always help the students in a very special manner. The activities always reflect the atmosphere in the school and are very fun. As Italians, it is quite easy to speak, but we are still able to learn something new thanks to these very innovative classes.

We wan to work here with Sandra, Nando, Valeria, Carmina, Andres, Pablo, Mariajo, Maxi and Angel.

Teresa, Luca, Francesco, Naomi and Paola

Liceum Ogólnokształcące, Poland

Nuestra estancia en Valencia es inolvidable.  Taronja es recomendable y muy moderno. Todos los profesores son joven, acertados y útil. Sabemos mucho mas después de estudiar en Taronja. Pasamos agradablemente tiempo aquí. Salvo estudiar, hemos visitado mucho. Sobre todo antiguo ciudad, oceanográfico o museo de fallas. El mejor día fue cuando pasamos a la playa y tomamos el sol.

Niktoria y Pola

Valencia es muy bonita. Nos gusta Oceanográfic mucho y jardines también. Nuestras familias están son alegres y agradables. Nos encanta la comida que las familias han preparado. Nos gusta la playa pero no fuimos ahí muchas veces. El tiempo no fue bien por que para dos días fue tormenta. A pesar de tiempo nos gusta excursión.

Asia y Paulina

Me gusta mucho la arquitectura de Valencia, yo creo que es muy bonita. Me encanta la escuela Taronja. Hemos estudiado mucho mas que en Polonia. Ahora me gusta Español mucho mas. La clima y cultura son muy interesantes.

Kinga, Kinga y Julia

Creemos que Valencia es muy bonita y antigua. La cuidad es también entretenimiento, porque hay muchos bares y restaurantes. La escuela Taronja es bien organizado y los profesores son tipos y alegres. A nosotros nos encanta la escuela y el experiencia.

Franciszka, Alicja y Mariela

Valencia es muy bonito y interesante. La escuela y los profesores son simpáticos y amables. La casa es acogedor y simpático. La comida es grande, sabroso y abundante. Nos gustaría volver a Valencia en el futuro.

Agata y Kornelia

La ciudad es muy bonita y antiguo. El Carmen es nuestras barrio favorito. Las familias son muy agradable y dulce. ¡Los profesores (especialmente Viktorie) son maravillosa! Las actividades socio-cultural son muy bonitas. Nos gusta la escuela Taronja.

Agata y Magda

Valencia es muy bonita y caliente. Nuestra barrio favorito es el Carmen porque es muy alternativo y artístico. Los Valencianos nos saludan, todos son ayudantes y están alegres. Los profesores de Taronja están muy divertidos. Vamos a salir en Gdansk complacidos y con sonrisa.

Julia, Paulina y Saundra

En cuanto a Valencia es una cuidad muy variada y bonita. De una manera hay unos edificios muy viejos, tradicionales y maravilloso decorativos. Y de otra se puede ver los muy modernos de cristal y metal. Taronja nos enseñó muchísimas cosas, en la mayoría muy útiles que eran utilizables durante esta viaje. ¡Muchas gracias a todos! ¡Vive el chef Nando!

Zuzia y Martie

Valencia es muy bonita, interesante y está llena de monumentos y edificios preciosos. La gente es muy amable y abierta. Nos encantan las clases porque son diferentes y mas interesantes que en nuestra escuela en Polonia. Los profesores son divertidos y muy simpáticos. Todo la escuela nos gusto mucho. Estamos enamoradoras en la ciudad y queremos volver a Valencia en el futuro.

Olga, Isabela, Susana, Paulina y Margarita

Brigitte, Alemania

My two weeks language stay in Valencia was great ! The city is very beautiful and people are very nice. Taronja’s team is very profesional, all are open-minded and help you. I learned a lot and I improved my Spanish. The school organizes lots of activities as the guided tour (Monday), the welcome paella (Tuesday), the cooking classe (Wednesday)… and also during the weekend they organize trip (excursion) or interesting activites. I felt very comfortable in my class, my teachers and also with my family. Thank you very much everybody !

Hui, China

I am a Chinese girl and my name is Hui. I studied there at Taronja from February to April. For me, I will never forget this experience at Taronja and in Valencia. I really liked the fact to meet a lot of friends from everywhere, and also the teachers were great !! Twelve weeks were not enough for me, I would have preferred to stay more time but I could not because of the visa. I learned lots of things, especially the grammar and oral skills. I thank everyone very much ! See you !

Maria, Suiza

For me, it was a pleasure to study at Taronja School for 3 weeks. Thanks very much ! There are lots of activities and classes are fun, and time flies ! I would have preferred to stay several weeks more, but unfortunately I had to come back to Switzerland…

Jun, Korea

I was my first time in Valencia and it was unforgettable. The teachers, the school and the other students were the main reasons of my positive experience. There was lots of interractions during courses ! Also the school organized a lot of activities every week. (very positive point!!) I could improve my Spanish during the courses but also during the activities. I fact you are always talking in Spanish ! For sure I will come back to Valencia and Taronja in the future !

Thomas, Alemania

I stayed in Valencia for 3 weeks and I had really good time there. I lived in a single private room in the beautiful district «Ensanche», located at 15 minutes from the school, so I just had to walk a little every day. My host did a lot for me, she prepared my food, she cleaned my room, washed my clothes and most important, we talked a lot. I really liked the school. There were small groups (about 5-8 people) and the teachers taught very well. We learned grammar with lots of examples, we talked about different topics like movies, fotos, advertising and Spanish culture. It is important to stay quite a long time in order to practice Spanish a lot and directly in the country. And of course, I thought Valencia was a wonderful city, I really liked this city…

Tomek, Alemania

Taronja school has lots of positive points:
  • You learn Spanish with ease, and with a good material.
  • Very modern material.
  • Nice people, students and teachers.
  • The school is located in the center, very convenient !
  • Good organization.
  • Lots of activities every weeks, and they are interesting !