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François, Belgium

What an experience! Valencia is an incredible city. We have everything here: The sun, a beautiful city, the beach, the party and so much more. Taronja school is a lot of fun and the activities too. I’ve made some fantastic friends here and I will visit them in the future. For me, it was an experience that I will never forget. Thank to all so much!

Emma, England

I have enjoyed my experience in Valencia and Taronja very much. The city has a lot to do and I have experienced Spanish culture very much. All the people at the school are friendly and the program of activities is very good. As a result of the program of activities, I met many new friends. During my time, I went to the welcome paella and for the first time, So good! Also, I went on the trip to Montanejos and the park party, all the activities are cheap and very fun. All classes are fun and the activities in class help a lot with all aspects of Spanish. The teachers are great and can help with anything. I would recommend Taronja school to anyone who wants to improve their Spanish quickly. I may come back in the future.

Anna, Russia

I love Valencia! It’s an incredible city with a beautiful sea. I also like Taronja very much because the teachers are very friendly and the classes are fun and interesting. Too bad that I was here for only 3 weeks. . . . The best school!

Peter, Canada

Thanks for te opportunity to comment. Two weeks is not enough when you start but worthless. The two weeks gave me a much improved bas to continue learning and to improve. I enjoyed the school very much. The students were an interesting and diverse group. The institutors were all lively, interesting and good teachers. The activities outside of classes were themselves beneficial. Valencia is a lovely and interesting city to wander around in and i would suggest to put more informations about things to do in Valencia for the students.

Catherine, United Kingdom

I love Taronja school. Thank you to, and for, all. All the teachers are so intelligent, they have so many abilities and funny personalities. The activities are phenomenal. For example the Learning road «Pasea y Aprende» and the Club Dile. Moreover, thank to Luís, Pablo, Victoria and Sonia (and to Julio Cartázar). Obviously, I needed help there were Alba, Marisa, Alicia, Antonio, Borja, Desiré and more that we´re here to help me and which were so generous with their qualities and their time. I think that the teachers believe and love theirs good lessons and that they try to give their best every day too. I enjoyed it and I will miss everything here… I have learned so much. Many kisses. I will always have a little orange (and a bat) always in my heart.

Elodie, Swiss

I never imagined that i would learn so many things just in a month. Every time that i came in a school language, that was a fabulous experience. I´ve met here so many fabulous peoples and it seems like home to me since the day I arrived in Valencia.  

Linnéa, Sweden

Coming into the school was a great thing for me. It has allowed me to learn enough Spanish and feeling like could talk and hold a conversation. This was a real important thing for me because knows i can communicate with my boyfriend´s family from here. That was the  main goal when I started here. Now, with my Spanish level, i can understand life situations here and some cultural differences. All these things are thank to the good teachers that we have in the school who motivated me each day and made the lessons interesting. Of course,  I have been very comfortable with my classroom mate and i bring with me more than a good friendship with some of them. Learning a language is frustrating and I have been frustrated many times, but i know that with your help, I have started on the right path. Thank you so much, I enjoyed it very much!

RadetzkystraBe, Austria

Taronja school is a very modern place. We have made many great excursions. We have learned a lot with games during the lessons. For example with Kahoot. It was fun.

Leonie, Jasmin y Johanna

I love Valencia because i have been to the beach and I have visited many places.


I like because everyone here is nice and give us a warm welcome. We also created a trip to the beach.


I like Valencia because there is a lot of monuments.


I love Valencia because people here is nicest than in Vienna. We can go to the beach easily. That was great and i´m sure that i will come back in Valencia.


Valencia has enchanted us. We want to come back in the city. The families are so good and in the school we learned a lot. The activities was very interesting. We have had a great week here.

Mélih, Caroline y Nikoloz

Valencia is great. We love Valencia CF. The lessons was very good. The girls here are so beautiful.

Artin y Maxim

Liceo Omodeo, Italy

This experience was very nice and a lot of fun. Valencia is a beautiful city to visit, spend time with your friends and get to know the local culture. In addition to that, thanks to the Taronja School and our family, we improved our Spanish. This trip was very nice and we will miss Valencia. We recommend this school to everyone!

Aurora, Alessia

We liked this experience a lot! Valencia city is really pretty because it doesn’t only have shops, but also historic, artistic and scientific places to visit. The school was a lot of fun because it offers interesting activities and helped us to improve our Spanish. We are very satisfied and recommend Taronja to everyone that wants to learn Spanish. Thank you and see you soon!

Beatrice, Elisabetta, Annalisa

It was a really nice and fun experience. The classes were well organized, with qualified, prepared and very friendly teachers. The city is very active and easy to visit. There are a lot of interesting, but also fun historic and scientific places, like for example the Delfinario. In the evening, there are also a lot of places to go for young people, where you can eat, drink and dance.

Gaia, Giulia, Paolo

The school is amazing and the teachers are funny and brilliant. We visited a lot of interesting museums. It was an unforgettable experience. Thank you Taronja!

Giulia, Alessia, Elena

Breda, Países Bajos

He tenido una semana muy guay y pienso que he aprendido muchas cosas nuevas. Tenía una familia muy simpática que nos ha cuidado bien. También pienso que las clases fueron útiles. En mi opinión, lo mejor de la semana fueron las actividades. He disfrutado mucho del Oceanográfico y de las iglesias grandes de la ciudad. ¡Gracias por todo!


Esta semana ha sido muy chula. Me gustó todo, pero lo que más me gustó fue el Oceanográfico. Las clases fueron muy guay, he aprendido mucho español. ¡Lo recomiendo!


Hemos aprendido mucho y lo pasamos bien con los profesores. Las actividades fuera de la escuela nos gustaron mucho, sobre todo el Oceanográfico. Las familias eran muy simpáticas y nos han cuidado bien. Fue una experiencia bonita y un día queremos volver.

Ties, Fee, Laurens

Fue la primera vez que comimos paella y nos gustó mucho! También fue la primera vez que bebimos horchata. Taronja fue una buena experiencia y nos gustó.

Tim, Joey, Tobias

Ullern, Norway

We had a very good time, because the Spanish classes were a lot of fun. The teachers are very cheerful, friendly and charming. In only five days we learned a lot.

Andrea, Rikke, Bertine

The experience in Valencia was very educational and a lot of fun! We did a lot of different things, for example: we went to see the Museo Fallero, the Oceanográfico and the beautiful city centre. We rented bikes, bathed in the sun and swam in the ocean. We learned a lot and recommend traveling to Valencia and attending Taronja School.

Christian, Ingrid

We liked our classes in Taronja. The teachers were really good and Valencia is the perfect place to learn Spanish. There were a lot of fun activities. We recommend this experience with Taronja to other students.

Halvor, Simon, Victor

Taronja is a good and fun school. The teachers are good and funny. We learned a lot of Spanish this week. All in all a great week!

Kristin, Karoline, Herman

We think this trip was a lot of fun, because we had different excursions every day. The school has numerous good teachers and the classes are open, colorful and interesting. We like the school!

Kaja, Jostein

We arrived on Sunday and the school welcomed us. We learned a lot in the school and the families. There was also a good balance between work and fun.

Lars, Olav, Bendik

We think Valencia is a pretty city with a big and beautiful beach. It’s easy to walk everywhere and the people are really friendly too. The school is located in the centre of the city. We think the teachers are funny and charming. Ours were awesome.

Josefine, Nicolai, AleHe

The school is very pretty and located in the centre of the city, which is useful. The organization was really good because we were in small groups, and as a consequence the communication with the teacher worked very well. We learned a lot of Spanish. We think Valencia is a beautiful city and, through the activities with the school, we could see a lot of it. There a lot of things to do.

Tora, Caroline, Charlotte

Ullern, Noruega

Lo hemos pasado muy bien, porque las clases de español fueron muy divertidas. Los profesores son muy alegres, amables y simpáticos. En solo cinco días hemos aprendido mucho.

Andrea, Rikke, Bertine

¡La experiencia en Valencia fue muy educativa y divertida! Hemos hecho muchas cosas diferentes, por ejemplo: vimos el Museo Fallero, el Oceanográfico y el centro de la ciudad maravilloso. Fuimos en bici, tomamos el sol y bañamos en el mar. Hemos aprendido mucho y recomendamos viajar a Valencia y atender la escuela Taronja.

Christian, Ingrid

Nos gustaron las clases en Taronja. Los profesores son muy buenos y Valencia es un lugar perfecto para aprender español. Las actividades fueron variados y divertidos. Recomendamos esta experiencia con Taronja a otros estudiantes.

Halvor, Simon, Victor

Taronja es una escuela muy buena y divertida. Los profesores son muy buenos y graciosos. Hemos aprendido mucho español esta semana. ¡Una semana fenomenal!

Kristin, Karoline, Herman

Opinamos que el viaje fue muy divertido, porque tuvimos diferentes excursiones cada día. La escuela tiene muchos profesores buenos y las aulas son muy abiertas, coloridas y interesantes. ¡Nos gusta la escuela!

Kaja, Jostein

Llegamos el domingo y la escuela nos dio la bienvenida. Hemos aprendido mucho en la escuela y en las familias. También fue un buen equilibrio entre trabajo y diversión.

Lars, Olav, Bendik

Pensamos que Valencia es una ciudad muy bonita con una playa muy grande y maravillosa. Es fácil caminar por la ciudad, y la gente es muy amable también. La escuela está en el centro de la ciudad. Pensamos que los profesores son muy divertidos y agradables. Los nuestros molan mucho.

Josefine, Nicolai, AleHe

La escuela es muy bonita y está en el centro de la ciudad, que es útil. La organización fue muy buena, porque estuvimos en grupos pequeños, y por eso la comunicación con el profesor fue muy buena. Hemos aprendido mucho español. Pensamos que Valencia es una ciudad muy bonita y hemos visto mucho de la ciudad a través de las actividades con la escuela. Hay muchas cosas que se puede hacer.

Tora, Caroline, Charlotte