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Kristina, Russia

I am very happy to choose Valencia and Taronja Spanish school as the place to learn Spanish!

All the teachers are very kind, open and are excited to teach and support their students.

I will recommend Taronja to other students!

Kim, Netherlands

I like Taronja to learn Spanish and meet new people. The classes and activities are greatly fun. However, I would rather like to have the same teacher for two weeks than just one.

Juliet, Kazakhstan

I really like the Taronja school because every week we have new teachers and new classes that are very good. I also like that on weekends we go to other cities to visit them and relax. I live here without my family and that’s why I have a lot of free time. I’m happy to have chosen this school!

Luca, Swiss

Dear Taronja family, Many thanks to the teachers who taught us with great enthusiasm. I had a lot of fun in the excellent activities that the school offers. They are a good way to get to know the city and the life of Valencia. There is a suitable activity for everyone, Also, many thanks to the great cookers and helpers. I had a wonderful time in Valencia and at Taronja school. A hug.

Bruno, Italy

I am very happy to have chosen the Taronja Spanish school and I believe I will continue in the future as well. The teachers and staff are always very available, pay attention to the students and everything is well organized. In addition to the classes, the school offers many activities every day.

Eugenie, Senegal

Spend fourteen weeks was an rich and unforgettable experience for me. Taronja is not only a school but a family. The teachers that i´ve had were all so nice : Alicia, Sonia, Désiré, Alba, Sergio, Antonio, Borja, Carmina, Victoria, the chief Jenny is wonderful. I learned so much in Taronja. It´s a school to recommend. Taronja is a fantastic family! Taronja is a fantastic school! The teachers are fantastic! The students that i have met are fantastic! The property is fantastic! At the end, I´m fantastic for having studied in Taronja. Thank you so much!

Sabine, Germany

My time in Valencia and in the school was great. That´s like a big family. The lessons and the teachers were greatly prepared and super useful to improve our Spanish. The cultural activities were so funny and informative. Thank you so much! 🙂

Indah, Switzerland

the first time i came to Valencia, i directly fell in love with the city. the city has many differences like the modern architecture, the old buildings, a good culture, a lot of entertainment and beaches. Because of that, i decided for the next visit that i want to stay a bit longer and learn Spanish. This language isn´t after Chinese and English. My hobby is traveling so i want to travel to countries which speak Spanish. I found by internet the Spanish school in Valencia name Taronja school.  Which i read that many older people also study in this school (I´m 69 years old 🙂 ) So i came with my husband and registered for 6 weeks. i´m happy that i chose the right school! The person in the administration are very helpful and the teachers are very good to explain the grammar and teach me how to pronounce the words. For my age, it´s a bit hard to learn again but i believe that one day, i will be able to speak Spanish fluently. Always onward never retreats (Siempre adelante nunca retroceden). Many thanks and love! <3

Lycée Georges Brassens, Francia

Nuestra experiencia en Valencia fue muy provechoso, la gente es muy acogedor. La escuela Taronja es una escuela muy original, los cursos son muy divertidos, nuestro vocabulario ha mejorado. Nos gustaron mucho las Fallas, el ambiente era muy bonito y las tradiciones también. Gracias por esta experiencia en Valencia.

Emma, Ophélie

La semana aquí en la escuela fue muy interesante y divertida. Tiene un buen método para enseñar nuevas cosas. La ambientación en la escuela es acogedora, los profesores son my simpáticos y amables también. Valencia es una ciudad muy bonita y activa.

Aymerie, Véronique

La experiencia en la escuela fue muy bonita. Valencia nos gustó mucho y aprendimos muchas cosas. Los profesores fueron muy simpáticos. El método de enseñanza es diferente de nuestra isla, pero muy bueno. Fue una buena experiencia aprender en esta escuela. ¡Gracias por todo!

Léa, Jennifer

La escuela y los profesores son muy buenos. La enseñanza es diferente de la Isla de la Reunión pero también muy interesante. Los profesores explican bien y son muy amables. La ciudad es muy grande y bonita.

Emilie, Bérénice

Truro, United Kingdom

It’s good that the classes are interactive. We enjoyed learning about the Spanish culture. Valencia is very pretty and the school is interesting and fantastic.

Isabella, Zak, Chelsea

The activities are very interesting and Valencia is really, really pretty. Taronja is a useful school and the teachers are very friendly, attentive and patient. I love Valencia 🙂


I think the teachers are very friendly and kind. The classes helped me to learn more Spanish, I really enjoyed this week because the classes were both interesting and fun.


The teachers are dynamic, friendly and funny. We liked the activities, especially the creative ones. We would recommend this to everyone.

Cathy, Hugo

During this experience we went on excursions that were both fun and very interesting. We learned a lot and practiced to conjugate verbs. We liked the Paella Party a lot.

Niamh, Quinta, Abby, Jasmine

Martini, Italy

Valencia is a beautiful city, there are a lot of things to see and a lot of very interesting places, like for example the Oceanográfico, the Hemisferic, the Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias in general, the Miguelete, the park of the river Túria, the beach and the harbor. The school is very pretty and the teachers are kind and friendly. The classes are very interesting and a lot of fun.

Deborah, Mariaelena, Giorgia, Alessandra, Lara

We liked the city a lot, the families were very kind and the bicycle tour was really pretty.

Nicoló, Davide, Michele, Samantha, Eleonora

We had a great time this week. We went to see a lot of beautiful sights like the Oceanográfico or the Science Museum and had a lot of fun. Everyone took good care of us. We would like to come back to this beautiful city.

Students of the group

This week we had a really good time because the school is pretty and the teachers are very friendly.

Chiara, Alessia, Giorgia

Tulln, Austria

During our week in Valencia we visited lots of interesting places, such as the Albufera, where we went on a boat ride. Moreover, we visited the City of Arts and Sciences with its typical architecture and the Oceanografico. We had the opportunity to try and enjoy typical meals from Valencia and we also painted Graffitis and spent a day on the beach. We really enjoyed being there for one of the most important celebrations for Valencians. It has been a perfect week with funny and friendly teachers, who joined us for all the activities. We learned a lot. Thanks for everything !

Sophie, Elena, Helene, Rebecca


During the lessons we did lots of enjoyable activities such as games but we also study a bit of grammar (but in a funny way). Everyday we went in the streets to ask questions to people. The teachers organized lots of different activities such as the Paella Party, the Cooking Lesson or the walking tour in the Old City center. In general we had a great time, everything was funny and it was really worth it. Moreover we had a lot of free time everyday which allowed us to go shopping in various shops.

Michelle, Maryam, Claudia, Corinna


Taronja School is a well-organized school. The rooms are clean and the teachers are nice. Carmina explains the lessons really well and in a funny way. Sonia is a really friendly teacher as well.

Johanna, Annika, Sophia, Bonnie


Taronja School is really funny and interesting. We got along really well with the teachers. The lessons were interacting with the Kahoot game and others games. The organization was really good and everything worked perfectly. We worked a lot in groups or pairs and we spoke with people in the streets.

Jule, Isabella, Jana, Leonie


We really enjoyed the visit of the City of Arts and Sciences and also the cooking class from chief Nando. The paella from the welcome party was delicious and the walking tour in the Old City center was really interesting and we almost understood everything. To sum up we really enjoyed our trip in Valencia and it helped us practice our Spanish.

Johenna, Philipp, Annika, Lisa