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Kim, Netherlands

I like Taronja to learn Spanish and meet new people. The classes and activities are greatly fun. However, I would rather like to have the same teacher for two weeks than just one.

Emma, England

I have enjoyed my experience in Valencia and Taronja very much. The city has a lot to do and I have experienced Spanish culture very much. All the people at the school are friendly and the program of activities is very good. As a result of the program of activities, I met many new friends. During my time, I went to the welcome paella and for the first time, So good! Also, I went on the trip to Montanejos and the park party, all the activities are cheap and very fun. All classes are fun and the activities in class help a lot with all aspects of Spanish. The teachers are great and can help with anything. I would recommend Taronja school to anyone who wants to improve their Spanish quickly. I may come back in the future.

Elodie, Swiss

I never imagined that i would learn so many things just in a month. Every time that i came in a school language, that was a fabulous experience. I´ve met here so many fabulous peoples and it seems like home to me since the day I arrived in Valencia.  

Sabrina, Italy

My experience in Taronja school has been so good. The teachers have such availability for the students and the lessons are so fun. That´s an ideal and perfect place to learn and improve Spanish.  

Morgan, France

I spent a really good time in the school. The teachers are really nice and very professional. I think the school is very familial. The spirit is awesome and i don´t forget all the employees. The activities are also interesting. About my experience in Valencia, it´s a good city to learn Spanish. The city is small so we can go everywhere easily. I will come back for sure.

RadetzkystraBe, Austria

Taronja school is a very modern place. We have made many great excursions. We have learned a lot with games during the lessons. For example with Kahoot. It was fun.

Leonie, Jasmin y Johanna

I love Valencia because i have been to the beach and I have visited many places.


I like because everyone here is nice and give us a warm welcome. We also created a trip to the beach.


I like Valencia because there is a lot of monuments.


I love Valencia because people here is nicest than in Vienna. We can go to the beach easily. That was great and i´m sure that i will come back in Valencia.


Valencia has enchanted us. We want to come back in the city. The families are so good and in the school we learned a lot. The activities was very interesting. We have had a great week here.

Mélih, Caroline y Nikoloz

Valencia is great. We love Valencia CF. The lessons was very good. The girls here are so beautiful.

Artin y Maxim

City of London, Inglaterra

Me ha gustado mucho el uso de electrónica en las clases porque las hizo muy divertidas. Las actividades en general fueron interesantes, el partido de fútbol entre los estudiantes fue muy divertido. Mi familia era muy amable y servicial también.


Nos ha gustado Valencia porque hay tanto que hacer, como por ejemplo ir al Mercado Central o al Oceanográfico. Las clases fueron muy interesantes y divertidas y hemos aprendido mucho.

Sam, Tomos, Philip

La mayoría de las clases fueron muy, muy buenas y bien preparados. En general una experiencia muy buena y sin duda lo recomendaría a un amigo.

Estudiante del grupo


Martini, Italia

Valencia es una ciudad muy bonita, hay muchas cosas que ver y muchos sitios muy interesantes, como por ejemplo el Oceanográfico, el Hemisferic, toda la zona de la Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, el Miguelete, el parque del río Túria, la playa y el puerto. La escuela es muy bonita y los profesores son amables y simpáticos. Las clases son muy interesantes y divertidas.

Deborah, Mariaelena, Giorgia, Alessandra, Lara

Nos gustó mucho la ciudad, las familias eran muy amables y la vuelta en bici fue muy bonita.

Nicoló, Davide, Michele, Samantha, Eleonora

Esta semana lo hemos pasado genial. Hemos visitado muchos lugares maravillosos como el Oceanográfico o el Museo de las Ciencias. Nos hemos divertido mucho. Todos nos han atendido muy bien. Nos gustaría volver a esta ciudad maravillosa.

Estudiantes del grupo

Esta semana lo hemos pasado muy bien porque la escuela es muy bonita y los profesores son muy simpáticos.

Chiara, Alessia, Giorgia

Ullern, Norway

We had a very good time, because the Spanish classes were a lot of fun. The teachers are very cheerful, friendly and charming. In only five days we learned a lot.

Andrea, Rikke, Bertine

The experience in Valencia was very educational and a lot of fun! We did a lot of different things, for example: we went to see the Museo Fallero, the Oceanográfico and the beautiful city centre. We rented bikes, bathed in the sun and swam in the ocean. We learned a lot and recommend traveling to Valencia and attending Taronja School.

Christian, Ingrid

We liked our classes in Taronja. The teachers were really good and Valencia is the perfect place to learn Spanish. There were a lot of fun activities. We recommend this experience with Taronja to other students.

Halvor, Simon, Victor

Taronja is a good and fun school. The teachers are good and funny. We learned a lot of Spanish this week. All in all a great week!

Kristin, Karoline, Herman

We think this trip was a lot of fun, because we had different excursions every day. The school has numerous good teachers and the classes are open, colorful and interesting. We like the school!

Kaja, Jostein

We arrived on Sunday and the school welcomed us. We learned a lot in the school and the families. There was also a good balance between work and fun.

Lars, Olav, Bendik

We think Valencia is a pretty city with a big and beautiful beach. It’s easy to walk everywhere and the people are really friendly too. The school is located in the centre of the city. We think the teachers are funny and charming. Ours were awesome.

Josefine, Nicolai, AleHe

The school is very pretty and located in the centre of the city, which is useful. The organization was really good because we were in small groups, and as a consequence the communication with the teacher worked very well. We learned a lot of Spanish. We think Valencia is a beautiful city and, through the activities with the school, we could see a lot of it. There a lot of things to do.

Tora, Caroline, Charlotte

Claudia, Germany

From the beginning (inscription, first doubts…) the administrative team of Taronja was completely available and they helped me with any questions I may had. With enthusiasm, sense of humour, patience and good formation, the teachers and bosses of Taronja provided the appropriate lesson to each of the students from very different countries, cultures and ages. The use of methods well planned, and a lot of material and new technologies made it easy to the individual success of the students. The location of the school in the middle of the city is perfect, and the atmosphere of the classes and common rooms is welcoming, with a very creative look. I could also enjoy my stay thanks to the organization of the accommodation, which was very nice and very close to the school. Moreover, I enjoyed the possibility of taking art classes in a good art school in Valencia. Thanks to the staff of Taronja, I would love to come back.

Katharina, Germany

I’m from Germany and this is the first time I have been in Spain, and it’s also my first time studying spanish. I spent 3 months in Taronja, in Valencia, and I’m happy for having chosen this school and this city. Taronja offers many activities, all of them very cool and interesting! I’m so happy for having been a student here because the teachers are extremely nice and they always try to explain everything well. Thank you very much for these memorable months, and maybe see you soon!

Katharina, Alemania

Soy de Alemania y esta es la primera vez que estoy en España, y  también es la primera vez que estudio español. Pasé tres meses en Taronja y en Valencia, y estoy contenta de haber elegido esta escuela y esta ciudad. Taronja ofrece grandes actividades, que son todos muy guays e interesantes. Estoy muy feliz de haber sido una estudiante aquí, porque los profesores son muy simpáticos e intentan siempre de explicar todo bien. Muchas gracias por tres meses memorables, ¡y tal vez hasta algún momento!