The boys and girls from the Netherlands


  MONDAY:At the morning we’ve been the first time in the school. At first it was a bit difficult, but we really liked it there. After that we went by bus to de city of science and art. We also visited the Ciercias museum and the Oceanográfico, but the museum wasn’t that interesing. TUESDAY:We’ve been to the Bellas Arte museum which was really interesting and nice. Later the day we ha class.. WEDNESDAY:After the lessons we had cookingclass with Chef Nando and it was awesome ( especially Nando). After that we went to the beach and it was really warm! Sydney Meuldjik, Luca Spruyt, Ouwerkerk   At Sunday we arrived in Valencia with the plane. After that we went at the middle of the city and got to know our families. At Monday was the first time we went to school and visited the city of science and art and after that we went back to school. We ate paella at a restaurant at this night. At Wednesday we only had one lesson and after that we went to the Taurino museum, the beach, the harbour and the Circuito. At Thursday we visited the hictoric city center and the Mercado Central. We bought there some presents for our families at home and later that day we had class again. Today we going to leave Valencia 🙁 but we have class at the morning one last time. IT WAS FANTASTIC!!! Coen, Willemyn, Marte valencia   This week in Valencia: At Sunday we made a tour through the city and we got to know our families at the evening. At monday we went to the school in the morning and had our first class. Later that day we went to the city of science and art… It was really nice. At Tuesday we visited the Bellas Artes museum and the Turía. After that we had class again and we had Paella for dinner at a restaurant. At Wednesday we had class at the morning and after that cookingclass whith Chef Nando. At 2 o’clock we went to the beach, swom and ate ice cream. it was perfect! At Thuersday we visited the Mercado Central and the Amina mseum. At te evening we had class and free time until 5 o’clock. Friday was the last day in Valencia. We had class at the morning again and  after that we went back to the airport.It was a beautiful week. Mara, Maartje and Dylan

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