Fermi, Italy

It was a great experience, and we would do everything again. The activities were really fun and we liked them a lot. The teachers were amazing, especially Borja.

I think Taronja is a good school because it offers a very good service to foreigners. The routes through the city are very well organised and really interesting.  There are also parties at night, which are really fun.

SAAS Marina, Russia

I like Taronja school a lot! I like everything! I want to return here.

Daniel and Egar

For me, I like the teachers and the school a lot, it’s very fun. Holidays are really cool!


I like the teachers, the family in which I live, the activities, the city.


Gadda Rosselli, Italy

In these two weeks we have had a lot of fun and have learnt new words and expressions. We have grown as people and students. We are never going to forget this experience!

Luana and Giorgia

We have spent two weeks here we will never forget! The people of Valencia are agreeable and the places are amazing. Valencia is a very pretty city! Thank you for everything!

Francesca, Paola, Greta, Martina, Gava and Letiza

I think the school is very well organised. I would love to study here. Everyone who works here is fun and friendly. My Spanish family is amazing! I hope to return here in the future.


Gadda Rosselli, Italy

It was the best experience posible and we liked everything! The teachers are very fun! It was the secodn time that we have been here and we can confirm the school is marvelous. The activities were interesting and kahoot was an exceptional discovery!

Asia and Chiara

We have liked this experience a lot because the teachers have been very friendly and helpful and the clases interesting, fun and useful. The activities have also been dynamic because they are different to those in Italy. The school is very modern and technological and thus the work is very easy and fun.

Frederica, Emma, Arianna and Martina

Taronja is a very cool school and we recommend to everyone to participate in these courses. The teachers always help the students in a very special manner. The activities always reflect the atmosphere in the school and are very fun. As Italians, it is quite easy to speak, but we are still able to learn something new thanks to these very innovative classes.

We wan to work here with Sandra, Nando, Valeria, Carmina, Andres, Pablo, Mariajo, Maxi and Angel.

Teresa, Luca, Francesco, Naomi and Paola

Opole, Poland

The school is very nice. The teachers are excellent. The clases are very interesting. We love Valencia. Valencia is very big and very very pretty and clean, but it´s very hot and there is a lot of sun, much more than in Poland. The families are very good and talk with us a lot.

Kecbout, Karper and Kirber

The school is very very very good and the teachers are great. The activities are very interesting but it´s very hot. Valencia is very pretty and big but the people don´t speak much English. We like Valencia and Taronja.

Amelka, Donske, Sofia y Chojmecke

Pedro and I went to Valencia for one week, but we saw lots of of things in Valencia. For example: Mestalla, the Plaza de Torros, the Central Market and the City of Arts and Sciences. We like the architecture of Valencia a lot, it´s different to Opole. We like Taronja school. The teachers are very nice. We like Carmina and Alice a lot, but the others are good. All are very friendly and fun. Opole is very dirty, but in Valencia I walked in the street without shoes. We like Valencia, Taronja school, our families and the teachers a lot.


The school is very good, the clases are nice, the teachers are fresh. Valencia is a very pretty and clean city. I like the activities. The Central Market is very pretty. There is very good food here. Spain is a very pretty country.


We love the teachers. In class there is always a fun atmosphere. The people are friendly and the teachers in Taronja are very cool. We have learnt a lot in this trip.

Joanna and Natalia

Our adventure in Valencia was wonderful. We have learnt a lot. It was an incredible experience. We have been in Valencia for the first time. In the school the teachers are very friendly and fun. It´s very hot in Valencia, but this passed. We already want to return here. We will miss you! Thank you for everything.

Juloa, Julia, Alex, Julia and Julia

The teachers at Taronja are very friendly and have godo ideas for clases. We have liked our time in Valencia very much, but it´s very hot. We have also liked the very pretty beach. We think that Valencia is a very big city, and open to tourists.

Marysia, Weronika and Eukasz

We like the school Taronja because the teachers are friendly, the classes are modern and the school is very pretty. Valencia is mdoern and pretty as well, the people open and happy. We do not want to return to our house, but tacobel is expensive. We feel good here.

Timotheo, Patrick, Radek, Tibor y David

The school is very good. The teachers are friendly and intelligent and teach well. Taronja is modern and has pretty decorations with electronic devices. The patio is big and we have spent good time there. Valencia is very big and very pretty. It´s very hot, but we like that. Valencia has a good atmosphere. We have feelt good here and we want to return.

Zuzia, Madzia, Marysia, Lavra and Natalia

Liceum Ogólnokształcące, Polonia

Our stay in Valencia was unforgettable. Taronja is recomendable and very modern. All the teachers are young, successful and useful. We know a lot more after studying in Taronja. We had a very agreeable time here. Except studying, we visited a lot of things. Above all, the old city, aquarium and Fallero museum. The best day was when we went to the beach to sun bathe.

Niktoria and Pola

Valencia is very pretty. We like the aquarium and gardens a lot. Our host families were also very  happy and agreeable. We love the food the families prepared. We like the beach but we did not go there many times. The weather was not good because there was a storm for two days. Dispite time, we liked the excursions.

Asia and Paulina

I like the architecture of Valencia a lot, I think that it is very pretty. I love the school Taronja. We have studied a lot more than in Poland. Now I like Spanish a lot more. The climate and culture are very interesting.

Kinga, Kinga and Julia

We think that Valencia is very pretty and ancient. The city is also entertaining as there a lots of bars and restaurants. The school Taronja is well organised and the teachers are sound types and amicable. The house is comfortable and nice. There is a lot of food, tasty and abundant. We would like to return to Valencia in the future.

Agata and Kornelia

The city is very pretty and ancient. El Carmen is our favourite neighbourhood. The families are very agreeable and sweet. The teachers (especially Viktorie) are maravelous. The socio-cultural activities are very nice. We like the school Taronja.

Agata and Magda

Valencia is very pretty and hot. Our favourite neighbourhood is El Carmen because it´s very alternative and artistic. The Valencians greet us, all are helpful and are happy. The teachers at Taronja are very fun. We are going to go out in Gdansk satisfied and with a smile.

Julia, Paulina and Saundra

As to Valencia, it´s a very varied and pretty city. On the one hand, there are very old buildings, traditional and with marvelous decoration. On the other, you can see very modern buildings of glass and metal. Taronja taught us lots of things, the majority very useful which were usable in this trip. Thank you to all! Long live chef Nando!

Zuzia y Martie

Valencia is very pretty, interesting and is full of monuments and pretty buildings. The people are very friendly and open. We love the classes because they are different and more interesting that the ones in our school in Poland. The teachers are fun and nice. Everything about the school we like very much. We are in love with the city and we want to return to Valencia in the future.

Olga, Isabela, Susana, Paulina and Margarita.

Spieringshoek, Holland.

Valencia is a fun city. It has many fun and interesting places. The people are very friendly and nice. There are many activities. Taronja is a school of learning. The classes are instructive and also fun. Teachers make funny classes. They are friendly and work hard. It was a very fun week.

Bart and Roy.

Valencia is a very friendly city. People are very friendly. We like the weather a lot: there is always sun. There are many small shops. The food was very delicious. The classes are interesting. We have learned a lot of things. The teachers are very friendly and kind. The building of the school is very beautiful.

Sofieke, Kelsey and Annika.

Our experience at the school was very well! The classes are very interactive and welcoming. We’ve learned a lot of things. The classes were varied, sometimes we went down the street. Valencia is a very beautiful city. It has everything: the beach, the old city, the modern city, many shops, the park, many terraces and nice squares. In short, a city to return to.

Lanka, Bente and Julietta.

We like the classes of Taronja and the teachers. We love the typical food of Spain, for example the paella and patatas bravas. The buildings are very beautiful. We have learned a lot and will return here in Valencia for the city and of course for Carmina. Bye.

Amber, Amy, Emma and Willemijn.

We like Carmina. Taronja is a good school. We have studied a lot of Spanish and it was a very cool experience. Ipads are very efficiently. The weather is very good. Paella party was fantastic.

Ivar, Misha, Roan and Luke.

The school Taronja is fantastic. The teachers are very friendly and kind. The lessons are educational. There is wifi in the school and all the streets. The town is very nice, we liked the beach, the shops and the terraces. Valencia has an interesting history and is a very beautiful city.

Anne, Jessy, Marit and Danielle.

Valencia is a very nice and very interesting city. There are many attractions and shops. Also the beach is very pretty. The school Taronja is very good. The activities of the school are very fun. Also the teachers are very nice and teach well. In addition, our families were very hospitable. Thanks for everything!

Lisanne, Vera and Famlie.

The school Taronja is very nice. The classes are very interesting. There are many alternatives. The teachers teach well and are nice, we liked it a lot. There is plenty to do in Valencia. We loved the beach and the best shops. It is a very nice city with very friendly people. Thanks for everything!

 Julia, Anke and Zöe.

St.Philomena, England.

 The atmosphere in the class was very welcoming. We found the classes to be very interactive and benificiant. At the end, we had become a lot more confident in speaking spanish, and what we learnt in the lessons was very relevant to everyday life it was good as we do not learn about these things in our school in England, so learnign about them now was good for us to gain the necessary skill for living in Spain. Overall, we really enjoyed our time here and will miss it very much.

 Rebecca and Sophie

The atmosphere at the school was very welcoming and friendly. During the time we stayed here we learned lots of new vocaboulary. Taronja allowed us to use our knowledge of spanish to comunicate with the valencian people.

Muy experience with Taronja school has been amazing! The athmosphere is so welcoming and enthusiastic. The teachers are so kind and helpful. I think that the teachers here have helped my spanish. Exercise such as asking questions to the public have helped my language skill. Morevore, the breaks that the school give to us, have allowed us to explore the local area and buying chocolate with churros from the local ‘’panaria’’. Over all, I have great time at this school.


 We have visited lots of places such as the market and the old town. We have also learnet about valencian history. The people here are very nice and friendly. They’re also very welcoming. We enjoyed the class!

Gabriella, Maya and Giorgia.

Valencia is a beautiful city and people are welcoming. Our host families are very nice. We enjoy the good and enjoyed learning now to make tortilla. The school’s activities are very fun. They took us to the beach, market and tour of the old town.

Jessica e Olivia.

We found it very benificial for our spanish speaking and confidence as it vastly expanded our vocaboulary. For example, we can now have long conversatition in spanish with little struggle. The teachers and general atmosphere were very welcoming and very helpful whenever we had problems. Overall, the experience was phenominal! We love it and we don’t wanna go back. We would definitely reccomend this trip to other.

Amelia and Adaura

Stedelyk Breda, Holland.

We had a fantastic time here. There are many activities and we have done a lot. Valencia is wonderful. The classes were very comfortable and working with iPads was comical. We have eaten the Valencian paella too and it was very rich. We are going back to Valencia.

Hannah, Quirine, Joort and Jacco.

In our opinion, the school was beautiful, with very interesting and instructive classes. We have gone to the street and it was a good experience to learn Spanish. The place of the school is perfect! The classes are creative and the teachers are very spontaneous.

Danielle, Felice, Ilja and Wessell.

The classes in general were very interesting. We have learned a lot. The teachers were very nice. The place where the school is, the centre of the city, is very practical. The activities were beautiful. In conclusion, it was a wonderful experience.

Robert, Jair, Luc, Nordin and Robbert.

Lovere, Italy.

Our trip in Valencia has been a wonderful experience. The school and activities have been very fun and the teachers have been very affectionate and available. Overalli we really liked the city, in particular ” the city of arts and science’’,  because it is very rare and different from what we have in Italy. The Spanish food as the paella of chef Nando, was very delicious. On the other hand, there is a good balance between activities and free time, so everyone has been able to discover various aspects of the city. Families have welcomed us with care and we would like to return to Valencia in future.

Stefania, Silvia, Sofia, and Camilla.

We liked a lot this experience. We believe that the school Taronja has helped us a lot, as we have discovered more about the Spanish and Valencian culture. Also teachers Antonio and Marisa have been very available and kind. Families have welcomed us very well and as children. The program of activities has not been boring and heavy, but very interesting and fun for discover the city. This trip has enchanted us and for this reason we would like to return and live here in the future very soon. Thanks for everything!

Gaia, Irene, Simone and Federica.

 Our experience at the Taronja school was wonderful. We have a great time here in Valencia. We have visited the main attractions like the Oceanográfic, the northern station and the central market: that’s very amazing! Marisa is very kind, friendly and very funny, especially when we went outside to do interviews. Antonio is very handsome, cheerful and funny and his classes were always very funny. With Chef Nando we have learned how to cook the paella and we really enjoyed it. We would all like to go back to Taronja! A kiss.

 Jasmine, Lisa, Federica and Valentina.

Hello! We are Italian girls and this was our first time in Valencia. We had a really amazing time in Taronja: we learned a lot of new things thanks to our kind teachers Marisa and Antonio. We loved the cooking class with chef Nando and his delicious paella. We have enjoyed everything in this city, for its cultural richness and its culinary traditions! We will miss everything! A kiss.

Silvia, Debora, Vanessa and Chiara.

Noorderpoort, Holland.

We found everything to be wonderful and powerful. Valencia is beautiful! The activities were fun and interesting. We liked it.

Yoica, Joyce, Roy and Kendra.

Valencia gave us a fantastic experience that we had during the last two weeks of ”Fallas”, which was a great show. Every day fireworks and also good weather. The Spanish classes and workshops we had, were very instructive and very enthusiastic teachers. We would recommend this course to anyone. Kisses.

David, Kyo, and Ilvy.

Hi. I’m from Netherlands. I’m 20 years old and I’m studying art and design at the Noorderpoort in Groningen. We’re her for two weeks, including the Fallas Festival. So about the country: I really love the weather, the people and the fine prices. Also my guest family. They are such a nice family. I really like them. The thing I don’t like is the amount of people. It’s so crowdy, don’t like it, sorry. But the party’s are much fun, and the beer is so cheep. This two weeks we are studying at Taronja school. The teachers are so nice and the classes are fun. I would love to come again. Hope to see all of the people again!


We’re from the Netherlands. We’re studying art and design. The most likable things are: streetart, food, fallas, weather, spanish lessons, the people and architecture. The streetart is for more interesting than in our hometown. We love the spanish people greet each other. The fallas is the most spectacular thing by for…


I’m from Netherlands. I study art and design at KTM Nooderpoort. I really liked the food, fallas, people, school, teachers and my host family. The fallas is great. Every day were amazing. I really going to miss Valencia so much. ¡Me gusta mucho Valencia!


Hello. I’m from Holland. I’m studying art and design in Groningen. I really enjoyed my time in Valencia, it’s a beautiful city and the people are really kind. In fallas there was a lot of Fireworks. I also liked the ‘’mascletá’’. The weather is really nice, and if you want to relax you can go to the most beautiful bach I’ve ever seen.


Gadda Roselli, Italy.

We really liked our week in Valencia. The lessons were very beautiful. The activities were very funny and talk with people was very funny and we know a lot of people, especially beautiful guys! Everyday we have had free time for going out and visit the city. The activities were very nice and Mariajo is a very beautiful girl and sun understand Italian! Our teachers were very nice and beautiful and we had beautiful lessons, even if for a week. We like everything there. Thanks for all!

Arianna, Rebecca, Sara

We liked so much this school because the activities were very interesting and funny. The teachers were very beautiful, funny and with an open mood! We recomend this experience!

 Carolina, Giorgia, Costanza, Martina.

We liked so much our week in Valencia and the activities were very beautiful.  The teachers were very funny and nice. The school was modern and beautiful and we recommend this for everyone in the world. Thanks for all, see you soon!

Elena, Laura, Elisa, Tommaso and Davide.

I really like the ‘’mascletá’’ and the lessons were very nice, also my friends and the teachers. I loved the beach and the activities that we did, and also I will miss my family of Valencia.

 Sara, Francesca, Irene, Tommaso, Samuele.

I really like the school and the teachers were very funny. Also I love my family of Valencia. We love the beautiful city of Valencia and also the beach, we had a lot of fun. The activities that we did were very organized.

Silvia, Laura, Alice, Sofia, Sara.

Alba is a good teacher and is very nice. We really like the ‘’mascletá’’ and the Oceanographic museum and the ‘’fallas’’. The school is very beautiful and the teachers were very available and nice. The activities with Fernando was very funny. We like also the beach of Valencia where we did an amazing excursion.

Guendalina, Riccardo, Valentina, Alessandra.

We had a great week in Valencia. What we really liked it is the city full of color and passion. The people are very friendly and the food was fantastic and full of flavor. Taronja is a cozy place where you can discover many things, like new words and the new people. P.s. the chef Nando is very nice.

Arianna, Sibilla and Matilde.

We really like Taronja school, the activities that we did and also our teacher were very funny and friendly. We did a lot of things and we loved the excursion at the ‘’paseo maritimo’’. We liked our lessons and we talked a lot in Spanish, to improve it. Our family was very kind. Valencia is a very beautiful city: even if is a little bit a big city, is not a dangerous city, and you can do a lot of things.


We had an amazing week in Valencia but now we are very tired because we made so many activities. During the week we visited the ‘’casco antiguo’’, the centre of the city, and also the ‘’fallero museum’’, and the city of arts and ciences: this is very interesting and were very beautiful. Our family was very cozy and friendly, we talked a lot with them. Taronja school is very beautiful. Our teachers were very nice and sweet. We loved the food, but not some typical dishes. We will never forget this experience! Thanks for all.

Gaia, Giulia and Giorgia.

We really liked this experience: visit the city, monuments and the ‘’mascletá’’. We liked the lessons and the activities that we did. We loved going to the beach and know a new city, its culture and food. We will return here as soon as possible!

Jacopo and Domenico.

We are Italian students and we came in Valencia with our school. Our teachers told us that Taronja school was very beautiful, but when we arrived we saw that it was more than beautiful : wonderful! We visited the ‘’casco antiguo’’, a lot of museum and the city of arts and science. And what we liked most were school, the teachers, but especially our family. The only disadvantage is that we are not used to these ‘’spanish hours.’’ Today is our last day and we are a little sad. so much, but we are very happy because tonight we’re going to eat the ‘’paella.’’ Mariajo we miss you so much, and say hello to Antonio for us.

Lara, Giulia, Sara, Martina.

People are  not very tolerant of foreign students in the city. I had fun with my friends. I liked so much the activities that we did, especially the visit at the ”Fallas museum” and go to the beach. The teachers are very nice. The activities were so much fun compared to what we were doing in Italy. I had a lot of fun in Valencia.

Alessandra, Fabiola, Elisa.