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Timo, Germany

I liked my time in Valencia a lot! The teachers are nice, the school is helpful. The activities are always fun and I enjoyed them a lot. I made a lot of new friends and want to come back. I had a great time and will recommend Taronja!

Victoria, Rusia

En general me ha gustado muchísimo. La escuela es buena: las clases son muy dinámicas y  divertidos, los profesores utilizan los métodos diferentes y interesantes, material utilizado en las clases es una mezcla de tecnologías y juegos (no hay libros y manuales aburridos). La escuela organiza tanto las clases perfectas de español como las actividades socio-culturales que ayudan a los estudiantes conocer y encontrar a amigos nuevos. Estoy muy contenta que he elegido esta escuela, gracias a Taronja he pasado los vacaciones maravillosas entre los profesores que estaban siempre listos para explicarte todo y los otros estudiantes extranjeros que eran aficionados por español tanto como yo. He tenido una buena practica de hablar en español con los chicos taronjeros y nativos. Gracias a Taronja he  conocido muchos frases coloquiales, he ampliado mi vocabulario. Al final quiero decir que es una opción perfecta para aprender español y pasar la vacaciones.

Jane, Estados Unidos

Tuve un tiempo maravilloso  en la escuela Taronja y me hubiera gustado poder quedarme más tiempo! Todos los profesores fueron excelentes y me encantó aprender más sobre la cultura española gracias a ellos. La escuela está muy bien ubicada en el centro de Valencia y está rodeada por buenos restaurantes. Sin duda recomendaría Taronja a cualquier persona que quiera mejorar su español mientras se divierte.

Decia, Belgium

I arrived alone in Valencia, but after a few days I already had lots of friends. Taronja is now like my second family. It’s not only the students, but also the teachers, that form part of this family. I liked all the activities with the school because you always get to know new people from all over the world. The classes are also very good as there is a lot of diversity in the content and we talked a lot with the teachers. I think that Taronja has helped me fall in love with Valencia and I will miss you all!

SAAS Marina, Russia

I like Taronja school a lot! I like everything! I want to return here.

Daniel and Egar

For me, I like the teachers and the school a lot, it’s very fun. Holidays are really cool!


I like the teachers, the family in which I live, the activities, the city.


Gadda Rosselli, Italy

It was the best experience posible and we liked everything! The teachers are very fun! It was the secodn time that we have been here and we can confirm the school is marvelous. The activities were interesting and kahoot was an exceptional discovery!

Asia and Chiara

We have liked this experience a lot because the teachers have been very friendly and helpful and the clases interesting, fun and useful. The activities have also been dynamic because they are different to those in Italy. The school is very modern and technological and thus the work is very easy and fun.

Frederica, Emma, Arianna and Martina

Taronja is a very cool school and we recommend to everyone to participate in these courses. The teachers always help the students in a very special manner. The activities always reflect the atmosphere in the school and are very fun. As Italians, it is quite easy to speak, but we are still able to learn something new thanks to these very innovative classes.

We wan to work here with Sandra, Nando, Valeria, Carmina, Andres, Pablo, Mariajo, Maxi and Angel.

Teresa, Luca, Francesco, Naomi and Paola

Opole, Poland

The school is very nice. The teachers are excellent. The clases are very interesting. We love Valencia. Valencia is very big and very very pretty and clean, but it´s very hot and there is a lot of sun, much more than in Poland. The families are very good and talk with us a lot.

Kecbout, Karper and Kirber

The school is very very very good and the teachers are great. The activities are very interesting but it´s very hot. Valencia is very pretty and big but the people don´t speak much English. We like Valencia and Taronja.

Amelka, Donske, Sofia y Chojmecke

Pedro and I went to Valencia for one week, but we saw lots of of things in Valencia. For example: Mestalla, the Plaza de Torros, the Central Market and the City of Arts and Sciences. We like the architecture of Valencia a lot, it´s different to Opole. We like Taronja school. The teachers are very nice. We like Carmina and Alice a lot, but the others are good. All are very friendly and fun. Opole is very dirty, but in Valencia I walked in the street without shoes. We like Valencia, Taronja school, our families and the teachers a lot.


The school is very good, the clases are nice, the teachers are fresh. Valencia is a very pretty and clean city. I like the activities. The Central Market is very pretty. There is very good food here. Spain is a very pretty country.


We love the teachers. In class there is always a fun atmosphere. The people are friendly and the teachers in Taronja are very cool. We have learnt a lot in this trip.

Joanna and Natalia

Our adventure in Valencia was wonderful. We have learnt a lot. It was an incredible experience. We have been in Valencia for the first time. In the school the teachers are very friendly and fun. It´s very hot in Valencia, but this passed. We already want to return here. We will miss you! Thank you for everything.

Juloa, Julia, Alex, Julia and Julia

The teachers at Taronja are very friendly and have godo ideas for clases. We have liked our time in Valencia very much, but it´s very hot. We have also liked the very pretty beach. We think that Valencia is a very big city, and open to tourists.

Marysia, Weronika and Eukasz

We like the school Taronja because the teachers are friendly, the classes are modern and the school is very pretty. Valencia is mdoern and pretty as well, the people open and happy. We do not want to return to our house, but tacobel is expensive. We feel good here.

Timotheo, Patrick, Radek, Tibor y David

The school is very good. The teachers are friendly and intelligent and teach well. Taronja is modern and has pretty decorations with electronic devices. The patio is big and we have spent good time there. Valencia is very big and very pretty. It´s very hot, but we like that. Valencia has a good atmosphere. We have feelt good here and we want to return.

Zuzia, Madzia, Marysia, Lavra and Natalia

Thomas, Alemania

I stayed in Valencia for 3 weeks and I had really good time there. I lived in a single private room in the beautiful district “Ensanche”, located at 15 minutes from the school, so I just had to walk a little every day. My host did a lot for me, she prepared my food, she cleaned my room, washed my clothes and most important, we talked a lot. I really liked the school. There were small groups (about 5-8 people) and the teachers taught very well. We learned grammar with lots of examples, we talked about different topics like movies, fotos, advertising and Spanish culture. It is important to stay quite a long time in order to practice Spanish a lot and directly in the country. And of course, I thought Valencia was a wonderful city, I really liked this city…

Dorota, Polonia

I really liked my Spanish classes. Thanks very much to my teachers Sergio, Flor, Elisa, Andres, Josevi, Fernando and all other people working at Taronja school. I wish you every success !

Horn, Austriaco

Hello everyone! Valencia is a wonderful and impressing city! We had 6 awesome days here and we loved the city. We enjoyed our time with our host families, who were very friendly and hospital. When we visited some places, the view of the city was very beautiful. The show of the dolphins was really amazing. We had fun at the beach and in the sea and in the night we celebrated the big party of  San Juan. We want to come back one day. The classes were very funny and interesting and we have learned a lot. We think our Spanish knowledge is better now. Thanks for everything!

Valencia is a beautiful and interesting city. The people are very friendly, chatty, open and always helpful. Our families, where we have lived, were very hospital and have cooked a lot of food which was very tasty. In the school Taronja we have got to better our knowledge from Spanish and also have we enjoyed the after school activities. For example our visits at the museums and at Oceanográfico. Also we have enjoyed the night of San Juan and the Plaza de Taros. When we go back to Austria we will miss the sun, the see, the beach and we’re sure we will com back to Valencia one day.


Gleisdorf, Austria

We are Sophia, Daniela, Patrick, Timrich, Martinus, Magdalena and Paula. We’re from Austria and today is our last day of our journey. The program of the school was very varied and funny. We had a lot of classes outside. For example we needed to ask things to people at the streets, we went to the Mercado Central to make really special food, we made a menu and wrote down the prices of the ingredients. Also Taronja organized a typical meal from Spain. We ate paella and tapas and we loved this food very much! Our journey to Valencia was a famous experience for all of the students.

Sophia, Daniela, Patrick, Timrich, Martinus, Magdalena and Paula

We are Madlene, Georgios, Pascale, Angelina, Ulrike, Laura y Julia and we’re from Austria. Our journey lasted six days. It were days with a lot of wonderful experiences, we haven’t only visited places but also we had the time to get our Spanish better. For example we visited Oceanográfico which is in The city of arts and sciences. Of course we have tried paella and delicious tapas. How tasty! Also the food from the hosts were very good, and the families were very sympathetic, funny and open. It was a bomb! An unforgettable and advisable journey. A lot of kisses from Valencia.

Madlene, Georgios, Pascale, Angelina, Ulrike, Laura y Julia

Ursula, Alemania

The school is amazing, located in the city center. Here there are people from all over the world. The atmosphere is very relax. The girls in the reception are very nice and ready to help you any time. The teachers care about the fact that you improve your spanish, in addition they give the classes in a funny way.