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Antonia ZeissHi everyone! My name is Antonia, I’m 21 years old and I’m from Hamburg. Last year, I was here in Valencia for 3 weeks as a student of Taronja. I loved it, so when I knew that I have to do my internship in a foreign city I thought «I will return to Valencia». So I applied for an intership here at Taronja. And here I am! I arrived at Valencia on June 3 and now, 3 months later, I have to go to back to Germany. I leave with a bag of amazing experiences, adventures and very funny days. And most importantly friendships for the whole life. I can’t count the people I met here. People from the Netherlands, Italy, Russia, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, England and many more.  Because that’s for sure, when you arrive here, you will meet people from all over the world who also stay here to learn Spanish. I always liked to travel to get to know other cultures, manners and countries. But I also thought that I have to visit all the different countries for that. But no. Here at TARONJA you can get to know all of this when you are with the people from other countries. When you eat together with other persons, you recognize the different manners, also when you talk to them and most importantly when you ask them about their countries, they tell you many interesting things. For example, I didn’t know that the temperature in Russia can be -70 degrees. How cold! But these are not the only reasons why I returned. TARONJA is like a big family, after the TAPAS TOUR on monday, you know round about every student, new and old ones. The school may be small, but it really is a huge family. In my three months here I met almost 200 great people. Every tuesday our bosses Nando and Maxi are cooking a Paella for the entire school. And every wednesday you can see, learn the vocab and try what Nando cooks in his cooking class. I’m not only saying this because I was the intern during 3 months, but because it is something I really like. The school offers many activities every day of the week. It is very important that you join them because you will meet the people who also are at the school. =) Well, I could write many things more but I think it’s better if you make your own experiences when you come to  TARONJA! So only 3 words at the end: SEE YOU GUYS! PS: Chiiicooooooooooos vamoooooooooos will be famous one day xD Kisses, Antonia

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