Rice Town

We are a very fun and varied class. We are all Europeans. We’re German, Swiss and Greek. The teacher ‘acts like a goat’ and doens’t want to correct this text. We are here because we like Spain. But the things that impress us are, for example, original rice and rice-addicted people. The differences in between Spain and our countries are firstly the weather and secondly the food. For example, in Switzerland there is food with more sauce but less rice. In Valencia people eat rice all the time. Rice for breakfast, rice in coffee and also houses are made out of rice. Sometimes it seems like China and not Valencia. Therefore are a lot of Japanese and Chinese tourists here. The ‘Arrocianos’ (‘rice eaters’) are not very social…After two weeks your glad that you can return to your country and stop eating rice. They’re boring, they are very uncommunicative and do not know the word »party». Always insult foreigners because they do not eat rice…In addition, most of the people are very tall because they eat a lot of rice. The ‘Arrocianos’ are consuming a lot of cocaine made out of rice and are smoking the rice plant. In the bullring arena the Toreros die all the time because they are high. There are no major sports. Just playing soccer with rice. They do not know how to play football or basketball or anything else. The ‘Arrocianos’ are very tall because they eat too much rice. There are no old people in the city because they are working outside the city to get more rice. Life at Taronja Spanish School is very boring. The worst Spanish teacher of the school is called Dario «Rice» Sanchez. He is a very sad guy because he has a rice allergy. Therefore his life is not very easy. But he can smoke rice and nothing will happen because the amount is less. In the end there is a possibility that Valencia gains the Rice Trophy! We found out that the previous original name of Valencia was ‘Arroceria’ (Rice Town). TU CHE!  

Julian Reis, Romina & Janine Riis and finally Vagelis Rizi.

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