Valencia tastes like…

VALENCIA TASTES LIKE… This week at TARONJA School we have dedicated ourselves to enjoy some Valencian food and drinks. Each student in the class has chosen a delicious type of food that he wanted to try and we went searching for it in bars and restaurants throughout the city, to experience the feeling of being a gourmet for a day! After various tastings, students wanted to share these experience with us and have told us what they think of the Valencian cuisine. This activity has left us a very good taste! ROSA. PAELLA. I’ve eaten Paella. I like the taste of saffron and seafood. I also have eaten Paella with chicken and rabbit but I did not like. I want to cook the Valencian Paella at home in Germany. GIORGIA AND VIVIEN. CHURROS. I’ve already tried Churros but without chocolate. I like it a lot. We have seen it only here in Valencia. We really liked the taste but I think they are very heavy. There are many shops in the street and it is ready to eat right away. All streets in Valencia smell like Churros. MALCOM. HORCHATA AND FARTONS. I’ve gone twice to a Horchatería drinking Horchata and eating Fartons with Horchata. I went to the Santa Catalina Horchatería because I was told, that it is the best Horchatería in Valencia. I really liked this drink and afterwards I have not been tired. I have paid 3.50€. The professor said that it is made out of groundnuts. MAREIKE. SANGRíA. In Valencia I’ve tried Sangría, which is a typical drink in Spain. I drank Sangría in a bar during a Paella Party. I like Sangría because it reminds me of summer.                 LEE. HWASEOP. TORTILLA. This dish is very tasty and easy to prepare. To make this meal you need four potatoes, ham, five or six eggs, a pepper, olive oil, one or two onions and salt. Depending the person, but normaly it is easy to prepare.

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