Institute Bruno Franchetti, ITALIA

GIULIO, RICCARDO, LORENZO, AURORA, VALENTINA Hello! We’re students at the Bruno Franchetti school in Venezia. Thanks to the week spent in Taronja School we have learned a lot in a funny way and the lessons were never boring. We have liked a lot going around the streets and talk to people, like when we went to the Central Market. The city of Valencia is really good and people here are calm and helpful. We recommend this experience in Taronja because the professors are experienced and funny. It has been a bomb! If you don’t believe it, come try it. GIANLUCA, FRANCESCO, ILARIA, MARCO Hello, how are you guys? We are just fine, we have spent an amazing week. In Taronja we’ve learned a lot about culture and spanish language. We’ve really liked Valencia because it’s a crazy and calm city at the same time! The professors are really experienced and funny, they know how to increse interest because we have only done practical activities for the real life and to learn the language. We are looking forward to come back, thanks for everything! (¡Jolin!) OLEG, MARCO, ALESSIA, CHIARA, RICCARDO We have liked the school very much. It’s really interactive, because we have seen monuments and learn new words and different expressive forms everyday. The professors are really funny and pleasant, they know how to entertain the young. We have really liked to have discussions about topics regarding newness, that we need to live in Spain and talk in a better way. SARA, MARIO, MATTEO, RICCARDO, ELEONORA We have liked Valencia very much, most of all the modern part of the city, but the ancient part too. All the professors have been helpful and nice. I think I’m gonna miss everything about Valencia. The thing we liked the most has been the climate: it’s very hot and sunny everyday. There’s a lot of people in the streets too, during the night and the tapas are really good. We are amazed by Valencia, it’s a really good city, people is really open and funny and the weather is beautiful. We don’t want to come back to Italy! During this week I’ve become spanish. I’ve seen the Mestalla stadium and I’m in love with Valencia Footbal Club (and Paula, the girl from the stadium). Valencia it’s a beautiful city, almost like Lecce, my city. I’m gonna come back one day! Valencia, the city of oranges, has amazed us just like its joyful life, its citizens and its varoius meals. A part of our history goes through here and we’re never going to forget it. ANDREA, CAMILLA, FRANCESCA, LEONARDO, PIETRO School: we have like it. The professors were nice and helpful, lessons were interesting and activities were generally well organized, except for the movie, because we didn’t have time for a discussion after the vision and it needed subtitles in order to be understood by non mother tongue speaker. Family: they were nice, helpful (to change timetables too) and they always cooked rich and good meals. City: despite Valencia it’s a big city, we have been doing just fine. Plus, we have liked the monuments and famous places. Things we liked: night life, the beach and the Ciudad de las ciencias. We recommend this trip to the other students of our age. EMMA, GIULIA, MARTINA, SILVIA, CAROLINA, ILARIA, BEATRICE We have spent a beautiful week here! We have learned new words, new expressions and traditions too. What a lucky coincidence to be here in a period of celebration! The things we liked the most have been the Ciudad, the Mascleta, the beach and the paella. Concerning the school, we have really liked doing interactive activities in the streets, like for example asking questions to citizens and the visit at the Mercado Central. We have really been doing just fine with the professors and the families too. We have loved the fact that the school was in the centre of the city because there are many bars and shops to go during the free time. Everything was beautiful! It’s an experience we recommend to all the students.

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