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1077080_624289260928238_90882066_oHey there! My name is Nina, I’m 23 years old and I’m from Germany. I had to do an internship abroad for my university for 3 months. For the first month I was in Canada but I felt very bad there, for various reasons. One day I talked to my friend Antonia, who was doing her internship at TARONJA, via Skype and I asked her if they need another intern because I wanted to change my internship… FASTLY! And what can I say.. since July I am here! I feel great here, I made many wonderful experiences, I met a bunch of amazing people and I made friendships for the rest of my life (I hope!). When I arrived here, my colleagues said «Here at taronja we are like a family» – it’s true. Taronja really is a big family where everybody is welcome from the first second on. After work, we interns always went to the activities together with the students. At Taronja we organize activities for every day of the week and they are perfect for getting to know the students, teachers and chefs of the school. I can’t tell what I like most of Valencia and Taronja. I like everything! The city, the beach, the Spanish people, the food (especially the Paella of Nando..hmmmm!), the classes… everything. Time went by so fast, I feel like I still am in my first week here, but it actually is my last and I have to leave in two days. How sad! When you go to Taronja you will meet loads of people from all around the world: Italians (lots of them :D), Dutch, Danes, Chinese, Germans, Poles, English and of course Spanish. I have to say that the classes in school are very very good. The teachers are always friendly and they help you with every problem you may have. When I arrived at Valencia, I couldn’t speak Spanish that well. Now I talk faster and more confident. I like! 😉 I’m sure that I will return to Valencia and Taronja… maybe next year as a student? Taronjeros, I want to thank you for giving me the chance to work with you, for this wonderful time, for everything. I’m leaving with one eye laughing and one eye crying. Maany kisses, Nina

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