Hello! I am Olivia, I am from Macau, China. I stayed with Taronja for almost 9 months. During these 9 months I saw many of my friends writing their testament when they went back to their homes/countries. Now, it´s my turn. I started from almost zero and now I can communicate freely. I want to express my gratitude to all the teachers and my classmates. The teachers are very professional and fun (and also crazy haha). The classes are very organized and the teachers helped me a lot (Love you guys!!) Furthermore I made a lot of friends from everywhere around the world. It makes me happy that on one side I was able to learn spanish and get to know different cultures and on the otherside I was able to represent my city, Macau, and as wel the culture of Macau and China. Not forgot to mention the activities of the school are AMAZING and INCREDIBLE! After my classes I learned and enjoyed a lot in the activities. I think it´s really nice that the school is located in the center of Valencia, very convenient and perfect for seeing the city. Next to that, I lived in a beautiful appartment with two spanish and one mexican. I was learning spanish every minute except for when I slept. Everything around me was completly spanish. In the end, (I don´t really want to say this 🙁 ) I want to say that I am in love with Valencia and I will surely return real soon. Taronja is the best school, and my home in Valencia. My experience was beautiful, amazing, unforgettable, beneficial, great, interesting.. Well! I have to take it easy here or else I will never stop writing lol. Btw. This testament was even more difficult than the DELE test because there are so many things I want to say and I feel very emocional at the moment. See you soon! Love you guys! Kisses -Chan Cheng (Olivia) (China, Macau)

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