Mi stay in Valencia

I came to Valencia three weeks and half ago. I like Valencia very much: people are very lovely and usually they’re not arrogant, so it’s possibile to speak Spanish with them. The old buildings, that talk about an ancient time, are awesome, although the crisis is evident: lots of them are for sale or for rent. Others are closed for renovation, but I’ve not seen anyone working for them; it’s evident that the owners of these buildings don’t have money. The beach is very big and very beautiful, but there aren’t reefs. I don’t sleep well in Valencia,  Valencianos and tourists  like to party all night long, and I’m not used to this permanent noise. I like Taronja school too. Teachers are very professional and generally they motivate foreigners to learn Spanish. I learned a lot, above all the three verbs tenses: indicative (present, the different past tenses (!!!), the future and the conditional), the imperative (affirmative and negative), and a little bit the present subjunctive. I took three weeks of vacation from my job, for this reason it’s wonderful that the school is so good; as to Marta’s administration, she helped me a lot and she was always lovely. One desire: I’d like the teachers to teach a little bit more with texts about the Spanish history, culture and geography ( like Victor Manuel did in the last days).

Spain is an exciting and fabolous country!!!!



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