Martini, Italy.

Hi. We spent a good time during our trip in Valencia and also at Taronja School. In Spain people are very nice and lovely, also our teachers of the school. The activities were very interesting and attractive and we talked a lot about the typical things of the country. The family was very nice and our mum cooked everything very well.

Beatrice, Sara, Giada, Nicola.

Hi. We spend this trip very well. The lessons were very interesting and fun, but in the evening we were very tired. Also the activities were very interesting and funny. The family was very nice and kind and the house was very clean and cozy.  Pablo, Florencia y Carmina are teachers very nice.We had a lot of fun! Thanks for all!

Giada, Alice, Debora.

Hi! We are students from Italy and we have 19 years old. The lessons were very interesting, funny and helpful. The teachers were very organized, funny and nice. They proposed many interesting activities. The family was very nice and the house was good, very clean and cozy. The food was very good and every day is different. Valencia is a very beautiful city and very economic compared to Italy. We loved this city and will be back as soon as possible! See you soon, and thanks for all.

Alessia, Giorgia, Sara.

Hi. We had an amazing time in this city. The activities were very interesting and also funny. The teachers were useful for improving our language. Going around the city wasn’t the best activity because we were very tired. Kahoot was absolutely the best activity that we did, very funny. The night of the ‘’paella’’ was very funny although there was not the paella with marisco. The best place in Valencia that not exist in our country, is the chupiteria ‘’Espit’’ in the Mastalla. Thanks to Andrés who advised us a lot of places for going out and have fun. Also we liked a lot the district of the Carmen.

Riccardo, Irene, Emma, Beatrice x2, Mattia, Angelica

Hi. We are six italians students that had an amazing week in Valencia, thanks to family, to the school and above all thanks to our teachers of the Taronja School: Ángel y Andrés. We think that everythings good in this city. We liked a lot the atmosphere of Valencia and also the people are very lovely and available. We liked a lot the food especially the paella and desserts. Valencia is a very beautiful city and very economic compared to Italy and also the transports were very easy and fast because the city is not very big. We really like going parties almost every night.

Serena, Ilenia, Arianna, Marta, Cristian, Sara.


We had an amazing week in Valencia! Is a very beautiful city even if the weather is often windy. The family are near the school and they are very nice, kind and cozy.  We learned a lot about the life of Valencia and its manners and also we know how Spanish thinks about Italian people. We don’t think that there are more beautiful places of the City of Arts and Sciences and the Oceanographic. It was very easy speak in Spanish!

Valentina, Tania, Alessia.

The experience in Taronja was very funny. We did a lot of interesting activities for practing our Spanish, talk about a lot of arguments and also review the grammar. The school is in the centre of the city, near a lots of shop and restaurants, even if our classroom was a little bit small. We liked a lot the visit at the company Lladró because we see all the process of the products. We don’t think that this trip was boring and we want to come back in Valencia.

Davide, Lisa, Silvia.

We had an amazing week here in Valencia! The teachers were very funny and nice, also the school was very beautiful. The family was very lovely and we learn a lot of things also for our Spanish. We really like the city especially the beach, we will be back this summer. The activities were very interesting and also funny! With love!

Melanie, Greta, Gloria.

Hi! We are a group of Italians girls and we studied at Taronja School. Our experience here was very incredible and also we had a good time with the teachers. They are like friends and they made us laugh so much, for this now we know that you can learn something with fun. Valencia has beautiful places for young people, it’s a modern city and also the food was great. Is a perfect city for practice your Spanish with the people that are very kind and nice. It is a city to live! Let’s not forget about the food that is excellent. This was an experience that you will never forget in your life!

Sharon, Sara, Elisa, Arianna, Beatrice.

Hi. We are Italians girls and we have eighteen years old.The lessons of the teacher Ándres and Angel were very beautiful and interesting. Valencia is a very beautiful city for us because there are many things to do especially in the night. The people and the family were very sweet and made us feel part of the family. What we liked most of all was The City of Arts and Sciences and the food. Surely we will return here! We saw many interesting things like the ‘’muvim’’. We loved walk the streets and ask questions to people. At any hour of the day in Valencia there are many people around, who eats and talks, especially young boys and girls, and this is very nice.

Beatrice, Veronica, Silvia, Federica, Delphine, Ilaria.

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