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William, Wales

I can’t explain how fantastic Taronja has been. Not only teaching but experience in general. Each day, there were different activities to do and activities that made it easier for us to meet new friends. During my one-month stay, I had a good mix of classes to learn intensively and do everything I wanted in the city with what it offered with friends from the school.

Liesbeth, Netherlands

I have had a fantastic week in Valencia. That´s a beautiful city. The first day in Taronja was so emotional for me. I didn´t know anybody but my classmates and the teachers were so helpful and friendly. with my 57 years old i was the oldest but that wasn´t a problem. There is so much activities extra-cultural too, and there were so goods.  I learned so much here. That´s why i can recommend for sure the school Taronja.  

Benno, Swiss

Taronja was such a good experience. I began with a level test and an interview before to start the lessons. there are activities to practice the language and to connect with other students. The school location is perfect. That´s in the city center. The teachers are excellent and the school has a methodical and technological practice which is so moderns. I will recommend this school.  

Confalonieri de Chirico, Italy

This experience in Valencia was very interesting. We loved Valencia and the Taronja School. The teachers and the families were very welcoming. We loved the Paella.

Rossely, Julia, Chiara

The city is very pretty and we loved the beach. My family was very friendly and kind, and I loved the food and my room. I will come back to Valencia because I like the city.


A good experience, the teachers are good and the city is beautiful. We liked the hospitality and the teaching method a lot. We loved the Oceanográfico.

Claudia, Angela, Miriam

Breda, Países Bajos

He tenido una semana muy guay y pienso que he aprendido muchas cosas nuevas. Tenía una familia muy simpática que nos ha cuidado bien. También pienso que las clases fueron útiles. En mi opinión, lo mejor de la semana fueron las actividades. He disfrutado mucho del Oceanográfico y de las iglesias grandes de la ciudad. ¡Gracias por todo!


Esta semana ha sido muy chula. Me gustó todo, pero lo que más me gustó fue el Oceanográfico. Las clases fueron muy guay, he aprendido mucho español. ¡Lo recomiendo!


Hemos aprendido mucho y lo pasamos bien con los profesores. Las actividades fuera de la escuela nos gustaron mucho, sobre todo el Oceanográfico. Las familias eran muy simpáticas y nos han cuidado bien. Fue una experiencia bonita y un día queremos volver.

Ties, Fee, Laurens

Fue la primera vez que comimos paella y nos gustó mucho! También fue la primera vez que bebimos horchata. Taronja fue una buena experiencia y nos gustó.

Tim, Joey, Tobias

Lycée Georges Brassens, France

Our experience in Valencia was very helpful, the people are very friendly. The Taronja school is quite original, the courses are a lot of fun, our vocabulary improved. We liked the Fallas a lot, the atmosphere and the traditions are very nice. Thank you for this experience in Valencia.

Emma, Ophélie

The week here at the school was very interesting and fun. The school has a good method of teaching new things. The atmosphere in the school is cozy, the teachers are very friendly and kind. Valencia is a very pretty and active city.

Aymerie, Véronique

The experience in the school was very nice. We liked Valencia a lot and learned a lot of things. The teachers were very friendly. The teaching method is different from our island, but very good. It was a good experience to study in this school. Thank you for everything!

Léa, Jennifer

The school and the teachers are really good. The teaching is different from Reunion Island, but also very interesting. The teachers explain well and are very kind. The city is very big and beautiful.

Emilie, Bérénice

Martini, Italia

Valencia es una ciudad muy bonita, hay muchas cosas que ver y muchos sitios muy interesantes, como por ejemplo el Oceanográfico, el Hemisferic, toda la zona de la Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, el Miguelete, el parque del río Túria, la playa y el puerto. La escuela es muy bonita y los profesores son amables y simpáticos. Las clases son muy interesantes y divertidas.

Deborah, Mariaelena, Giorgia, Alessandra, Lara

Nos gustó mucho la ciudad, las familias eran muy amables y la vuelta en bici fue muy bonita.

Nicoló, Davide, Michele, Samantha, Eleonora

Esta semana lo hemos pasado genial. Hemos visitado muchos lugares maravillosos como el Oceanográfico o el Museo de las Ciencias. Nos hemos divertido mucho. Todos nos han atendido muy bien. Nos gustaría volver a esta ciudad maravillosa.

Estudiantes del grupo

Esta semana lo hemos pasado muy bien porque la escuela es muy bonita y los profesores son muy simpáticos.

Chiara, Alessia, Giorgia

Ullern, Norway

We had a very good time, because the Spanish classes were a lot of fun. The teachers are very cheerful, friendly and charming. In only five days we learned a lot.

Andrea, Rikke, Bertine

The experience in Valencia was very educational and a lot of fun! We did a lot of different things, for example: we went to see the Museo Fallero, the Oceanográfico and the beautiful city centre. We rented bikes, bathed in the sun and swam in the ocean. We learned a lot and recommend traveling to Valencia and attending Taronja School.

Christian, Ingrid

We liked our classes in Taronja. The teachers were really good and Valencia is the perfect place to learn Spanish. There were a lot of fun activities. We recommend this experience with Taronja to other students.

Halvor, Simon, Victor

Taronja is a good and fun school. The teachers are good and funny. We learned a lot of Spanish this week. All in all a great week!

Kristin, Karoline, Herman

We think this trip was a lot of fun, because we had different excursions every day. The school has numerous good teachers and the classes are open, colorful and interesting. We like the school!

Kaja, Jostein

We arrived on Sunday and the school welcomed us. We learned a lot in the school and the families. There was also a good balance between work and fun.

Lars, Olav, Bendik

We think Valencia is a pretty city with a big and beautiful beach. It’s easy to walk everywhere and the people are really friendly too. The school is located in the centre of the city. We think the teachers are funny and charming. Ours were awesome.

Josefine, Nicolai, AleHe

The school is very pretty and located in the centre of the city, which is useful. The organization was really good because we were in small groups, and as a consequence the communication with the teacher worked very well. We learned a lot of Spanish. We think Valencia is a beautiful city and, through the activities with the school, we could see a lot of it. There a lot of things to do.

Tora, Caroline, Charlotte

Maria, Suiza

Me llamo Maria, soy de Suiza y tengo 65 años. He pasado dos semanas en Valencia y también en la escuela Taronja con mi marido que tiene 73 años. A nosotros nos ha gustado mucho la escuela. El sistema de enseñanza es muy variado y también interesante. Las aulas son muy bonitas, y cada una tiene su propio tema. La ciudad de Valencia es muy bonita y elegante. A nosotros nos gustan mucho el jardín del Turia, el paseo marítimo y también el mercado central. Nuestra casa está cerca del mercado central y la recomendamos. Hemos pasado dos semanas muy interesantes en Valencia!

Katharina, Germany

I’m from Germany and this is the first time I have been in Spain, and it’s also my first time studying spanish. I spent 3 months in Taronja, in Valencia, and I’m happy for having chosen this school and this city. Taronja offers many activities, all of them very cool and interesting! I’m so happy for having been a student here because the teachers are extremely nice and they always try to explain everything well. Thank you very much for these memorable months, and maybe see you soon!

Laura, Germany

I’ve loved to study in Taronja! The teachers are cool. They teach a lot but they also go out with you. It’s a good mix. In class there are activities that I liked a lot. The best one for me is the quiz ‘kahoot’. There are also activities outside the school. Those activities are very good to meet other students. Thank you Taronja! I will come back next year!

Patrick, Francia

Enseñanza de la lengua española en tres semanas. Bienvenida: El personal estuvo muy atento, y siempre con una sonrisa. Enseñanza: Todos los profesores demostraron su pedagogía y su profesionalidad. Actividades: Todas las actividades estaban pensadas para mejorar tu conocimiento del español. El ambiente era relajado y estudioso. Todos los otros estudiantes eran agradables y simpáticos. En las actividades podías conocer hispanohablantes. Enhorabuena a todo el equipo por vuestra implicación.